What’s your Secret Power for Book Week 2019?


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Fighting Crime

Fighting Crime is my Secret Power!

Keeping your true identity hidden whilst you go about your crime fighting tactics can be tricky! Maybe nobody knows what you can really do? Maybe you secretly help save the world under the cover of darkness each night? Maybe your secret power really is patrolling the streets on the lookout for baddies and ridding the neighbourhood of pesky nuisances!

By day you’re a regular school kid, but during book week you can be a hero, let the cat out of the bag and let everyone know that crime fighting is your secret power.

Our fantastic range of crime fighting kids superhero costumes are perfect for your 2019 Book Week dress up idea!


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Protecting! 

Protecting is my Secret Power!

It’s what all the good guys do! Whether you’re protecting the world, protecting your family, your friends from bullies or even your pet dog from the aggressive neighbourhood cat……. It can definitely be your secret power for Book Week 2019.

Choose from a fantastic selection of kids superhero fancy dress costumes this year and dress up as your favourite characters who’s aim is to serve and protect!


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Talking to Animals!

Talking to Animals is my Secret Power!

There are animal whisperer’s among us….. maybe you’re one of them! Dress up as your favourite pet, storybook animal or even zoo animal for Book Week 2019 and see if you can convince all your friends that your secret power is talking to animals! To be honest, they probably won’t even be able to tell if you’re for real or not, because if they can’t….. then how would they know?! Interpret every meeeow, mooooo, quack or baaaaaa however you see fit and let your secret power impress this book week! At Heaven Costumes you’ll find loads of fun kids animal costumes to help you on your adventures.


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Flying!

Flying is my Secret Power!

If a gust of wind is coming your way, then get ready for take off and unleash your Book Week 2019 secret power with a ‘Whooooosh!’

Probably a secret power that’s best demonstrated surrounded by soft landings, but definitely a secret power that requires some form of cape for maximum effect! With arms up in front, a flying superhero costume on and your eyes on your target – soar into book week this year as one of your favourite flying heros. A great selection of officially licensed kids Superman and Supergirl costumes for book week are in stock now – so grab yours now before it flies out the door!


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Hiding!

Hiding is my Secret Power!

This might just be one of the funniest 2019 Book Week ideas we can think of! If you consider yourself somewhat of a champion at hide-and-seek, then a Where’s Wally kids costume is right up your alley to prove that hiding is your secret power! You would think that a tell-tale red and white striped shirt, hat and glasses will give you away every time, but Wally’s got the know-how and now it’s time to prove you do too! Available for both girls and boys in either full Where’s Wally and Wendy costumes or as quick and easy dress up kits.


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Swimming!

Swimming is my Secret Power!

If frolicking underwater, gliding effortlessly through coral reefs and racing schools of clown fish is something you can imagine, then for Book Week 2019 your secret power should be swimming! Unarguably the best swimmers around, choose from our glorious collection of beautiful girls mermaid costumes, decorated with glistening metallic fish scales, shells, fins and more, and wind up your tail to propel you through the ocean waves where your swimming secret power will come to life!


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Kung Fu!

Kung Fu is my Secret Power!

Oil up your Ninjato….. it’s time for some Kung Fu Fighting! If you possess discipline, stealth, strength and a love of all things Ninja, then for Book Week 2019 your secret power should most definitely be Kung Fu! Whether your weapon of choice is a Ninja sword, nunchucks, throwing stars or just a ‘don’t mess with me’ glare……. Unleashing your inner warrior during a few rounds of sneaky martial arts combat will show all your friends the secret power they maybe didn’t know you had! At Heaven Costumes you’ll find an extensive range of kids Ninja costumes for book week in a variety of colours and styles.


Book Week 2019 Magic is my Secret Power

Magic is my Secret Power!

All it’ll take is a quick flick of your wand, and your Book Week 2019 secret power will be revealed! You might not be able to turn your Science teacher into a frog or make your Maths test disappear…. But if you have a deck of cards handy then anyone can be a wizardly magician! If card tricks and pulling white rabbits from hats isn’t quite your thing, then just stick to our wonderful range of fancy dress kids Harry Potter costumes and see if you can levitate the object on your left with some Wingardium Leviosa!


Book Week 2019 Storytelling is my Secret Power

Storytelling is my Secret Power!

It’s the foundation of imagination, so if your storytelling abilities result in intrigue and capture the attention of your audience who will want nothing else but to know what happens next…. Then the secret power you possess for Book Week 2019 is something you should definitely share!

Dress up in your favourite kids storybook character costumes and take your friends on make believe adventures straight out of the pages of your most loved books or straight out of the wonder that is your own imagination. At Heaven Costumes you will find hundreds of children’s 2019 book week costumes to fit a storybook theme and bring your characters to life.


Book Week 2019 Climbing is my Secret Power

Climbing is my Secret Power!

Reach for the stars they say! Even if you have to climb to get there! If you’re one to have sticky hands and feet that keep you secure as you elevate yourself on structures going higher and higher…… then it might be time to admit that for Book Week 2019 your secret power might just be climbing!

Climbing trees, climbing the slippery dip, climbing up cupboards to get to mum’s stash of junk food…… it’s definitely a skill to be celebrated! You can dress up in your very own Spider-man costume for book week and take your climbing goals to the next level, a huge range of brand new season kids Spiderman superhero costumes are in stock right now.


Book Week 2019 Being Funny is my Secret Power

Being Funny is my Secret Power!

Kids say the darndest things! And when they do…… it’s usually hilarious!! If you’re just a powerhouse of jokes, riddles, witty comebacks and an attitude to match, then let everyone during Book Week 2019 know that your secret power is being funny!

Whether it takes effort and practice, or whether it just comes naturally, being funny is something you can do whenever and wherever you are, to make people laugh and brighten their day! It’s not essential, but you can wear a kids clown costume to your book week celebrations this year just to make sure your secret power stands out!


Book Week 2019 Being Kind is my Secret Power

Kindness is my Secret Power!

Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world possessed the secret power of kindness! If you have a heart of gold and the ability to love with fairness, respect, acceptance and a dash of magic sparkles to make all things shine, then during Book Week 2019 we encourage you to spread your secret power of kindness as far and wide as you can! At Heaven Costumes you’ll find an amazing selection of girls Disney Princess costumes who are known for their kind personalities and actions, the perfect book week dress up idea to express such an important secret power!


Book Week 2019 Secret Power - Being a Star!

Being a Star is my Secret Power!

They were born for the stage! Has anyone used this saying to describe you? If your personality and presence precedes you wherever you go and whatever you do, then being a star for Book Week 2019 is where your secret power’s at! It’ll be all lights, camera, action as you step outside yourself and wow your school audience with your confident display of stardom. Heaven Costumes boasts a huge selection of boys and girls movie character costumes that are ideal book week dress up ideas, allowing you to become the on-screen star you’ve always dreamt of.


Book Week 2019 Dancing is my Secret Power

Dancing is my Secret Power!

If one of your friends carries a feathersword and another one eats roses – and to top it off you often just can’t stop wiggling….. then dancing is your secret power for Book Week 2019! Whether you spend your book week celebrations making ‘pointy fingers’ at everyone or hunting down a big red car that you’re sure you left in the car park, at least you’ll know that fruit salad is on the menu for lunch and that’s something to stop wiggling for…… well just for a second! Get all your kids Wiggles costumes here at Heaven Costumes and perform your dancing secret powers to an appreciative audience this book week.


Book Week 2019 Sparkling is my Secret Power

Sparkling is my Secret Power

There are many things that can sparkle…… your personality, your eyes, and of course glittery sparkly unicorns, fairies and more! A secret power can be as simple as something that brings you joy, confidence, contentment and of course happiness to you and others, which is why choosing to sparkle for your 2019 Book Week celebrations is a perfectly acceptable secret power! From shiny unicorns and accessories to colourful fairies and pixies, there’s a little bit of sparkle in everyone but sharing it for the greater good is what will make it your secret power this book week.

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