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Kids Book Week Costumes Kids Book Week Costumes – Australia - Story Country!

In 2016 the annual Book Week celebrations will be held from 20-26th August – so make sure you have your kids Book Week costumes ready! The amazing work carried out by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, means we continue to encourage the joy of reading and the wonder of literature through new and exciting children’s books.

The highlight every year, is of course announcing the winner of the children’s book of the year, but dressing up in our all time favourite kids Book Week costumes and taking part in school parades and various activities in schools and the community, comes a very close second!

Kids Book Week Costumes
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The Book Week theme for 2016 is ‘Australia - Story Country’ And that's exactly what this vast brown land is! Kids Book Week costumes, themed around famous Australian storybooks or otherwise, will light up your little one’s faces as they pretend to be their favourite characters for a day.

Australia Themed Kids Book Week Costumes
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Ideas for 2016 kids Book Week costumes are endless! Sticking with an Australian theme is easy by dressing up as Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, Possums and even Crocodiles! Your kids book week costumes may even reflect the Aboriginal Dream Time stories or go back to the days of the early settlers and convicts. You can also choose from storybook themes, nursery rhyme tales and any characters from your favourite magical adventures found in children’s books. Some well-known Australian authors have created fabulous characters for you to consider dressing up as for this years kids book week costumes. These include Mem Fox's Possum Magic, dream time stories like The Rainbow Serpent, The Magic Pudding, Blinky Bill and of course Waltzing Matilda! Or your kids Book Week costumes may just be a true blue Aussie style from head to toe!


Kids Book Week Costumes for Girls
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Classic kids book week costumes ideas for boys and girls include pirates, cowboys and Indians, Kings and Queens or royal Knights. You may also choose Ninja’s or warriors, mermaids, gladiators or musketeers.

Popular kids book week costumes for 2016 include Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Wizard of Oz characters such as Dorothy, Tin Man or Scarecrow. Other storybook favourites are Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella plus all the other beautiful Disney Princesses! Girls and boys will love dressing up in kids book week costumes where they can pretend to be Prince Charming, the Queen of Hearts, Harry Potter, a Wicked Witch, the elusive Where’s Wally or funny Minions from Despicable Me.

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Kids book week costumes representing historical eras are also a great way to dress up! You can choose from Victorian themed outfits, Medieval and Renaissance costumes or even Vikings.

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Superhero Kids Book Week Costumes
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Animal themed kids book week costumes are also perfect for your school parades and celebrations in 2016. Children can dress up as cats, dragons, monkeys, little lambs, crocodiles, cute pink pigs, fierce tigers plus many more ideas straight out of the animal kingdom!

If sticking to classic or storybook themed kids book week costumes is a challenge, you can always opt for comic book characters so your child can dress up as their all-time favourite superheros and villains! There is never a shortage of Marvel or Avengers costumes for kids plus all the other comic book heroes including Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Captain America plus stacks more!

Help boys and girls celebrate the wonderful world of books by dressing up in a range of unique and fabulous kids book week costumes in 2016. Spread the word among our ‘littlest learners’ that Australia really is the lucky country, with an abundance of wonderful stories to tell!

For some fabulous, official 2016 Book Week merchandise including posters, stickers, book marks, badges and more – head over to the Children’s Book Council of Australia website at the below link:

Children's Book Council of Australia Website
Children's Book Council of Australia Website

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