Teachers Book Week Costumes 2017

Teachers Book Week Costumes for 2017 - Escape to Everywhere

A huge range of fancy dress teachers book week costumes in stock and ready to land in your classroom or at your front door pronto! Don't let your students have all the glory during your school book week parade, and show them how it's done by dressing up too and showing off your favourite storybook character costumes. The Book Week theme for 2017 is Escape to Everywhere, making the possibilities for dress up ideas endless and only limited by your imagination!

Teachers Book Week Costumes 2017 

Ideas for teachers Book Week costumes this year include:

Escape to..... Out of Space

Escape to..... Another Country

Escape to..... The Olden Days

Escape to..... A Magical World

Escape to..... The Movies

Escape to..... The Animal Kingdom

Escape to..... The Wild West

Escape to..... The Ocean

Plus loads and loads more!!

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Teachers Book Week costumes are a fantastic way to encourage children to delve into the literary world of their most adored book characters, and have a blast getting dressed up in fancy dress costumes at the same time. From Superheros to Aliens and Gorillas to Cowboys, you're sure to find teachers Book Week costumes in 2017 that will peak the interest of your inquisitive pupils and no doubt contribute to wonderful discussions about the joys of reading and make-believe.

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