1000+ Kids Book Week Dress Up Costumes for 2019

Mum’s, Dad’s, boys and girls are you ready?! It’s nearly that fun and amazing time of year again…. Book Week 2019! If you want some early book week costume ideas for 2019 so you don’t leave it to the last minute, then check out all our super cool book week themes and dress ups for kids.

With thousands of kids book week costumes in stock we have just the fancy dress outfit you’re looking for so every boy and girl in Australia can strut their stuff at this years school celebrations. The book week theme for 2019 is Reading is My Secret Power, but the oldies and goldies of book week dress up ideas are always popular and always a winner with the kids! Here are some favourites for everyone to consider for 2019:

1000+ Kids 2019 Book Week Costumes

Kids Harry Potter Book Week Costumes

Are you courageous, chivalrous, and determined? Dress up this book week as a member of Gryffindor and cast some magic spells on your classmates. Choose whether you be the characters Harry Potter, Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley, or maybe get some of your friends to join in and be a trio of Gryffindor pupils for book week! If the sorting hat has decided otherwise, then you might need to choose other Harry Potter themed costumes for your book week dress up idea such as the cunning, ambitious and shrewd crew from Slytherin! Be Draco Malfoy or Bellatrix Lestrange and show off your powers.

Kids Harry Potter Gryffindor 2019 Book Week Costume IdeaHedwig the Owl Harry Potter Book Week Costume AccessoryHarry Potter Quidditch Broomstick Book Week Costume AccessoryHufflepuff Scarf Harry Potter Book Week Costume AccessoryBoys Slytherin Costume Robe from Harry PotterGirls Ravenclaw Costume from Harry PotterBellatrix Lestrange Girls Death Eater Harry Potter CostumeKids Red Harry Potter Quidditch Costume Robe


If you are looking for Harry Potter book week costumes in 2019 then look no further, because at Heaven Costumes you’ll also find fantastic themed accessories to finish off your magical look including house scarves for Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor, school neck ties, school house tops, skirts and socks plus much more to give you that wizardly look. You might even like the Harry Potter Gryffindor Quidditch robe and officially licensed broomstick so you can chase after that pesky Snitch, or a Voldemort costume for a more evil persona. Whatever your preference, our huge range of kids Harry Potter book week costumes and accessories for 2019 will have you dressed for Hogwarts success in no time.

Kids Wizard of Oz Book Week Costumes

Are you the Kansas farm girl who got swept away by a Cyclone? While Uncle Harry and Aunt Em are worried to the core, you’ll be off on an adventure to the Emerald City in your very own kids Dorothy costumes with Toto tagging along! You’ve got some friends that are following you down the yellow brick road and just as much as you need help getting home, there’s some things that they need too!

Get to the wonderful Wizard of Oz and find Tin Man a heart, Scarecrow a brain and Lion some courage! Don’t forget to stay off the turf of the Wicked Witch of the West though or you might suffer the same fate as the Winkies!

Girls Sequined Dorothy Book Week Costume for 2019Girls Glinda the Good Witch Wizard of Oz CostumeBoys Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Wizard of Oz Tin Man Fancy Dress Costume


Get all your friends together as a fun storybook group dress up for book week 2019 with all your favourite and classic Wizard Of Oz character costumes.

Kids Alice in Wonderland Book Week Costumes

If you’ve tumbled down a rabbit hole and found yourself in a fantasy place called Wonderland, then you can be none other than the famous Alice! Alice in Wonderland dress ups are a fabulous 2019 book week costume idea and you can select your favourite characters to portray! A world of peculiar creatures, maybe you’d like to dress up as the smartly clothed white rabbit and carry a pocket watch all day, or maybe the grinning purple Cheshire Cat who can direct Alice to the March Hare’s house? Because how often do we see a cat without a grin but not a grin without a cat!

Wonderland Princess Girls Alice in Wonderland Book Week CostumeWonderland Princess Girls Alice Book Week CostumeSweet Alice in Wonderland Girls Book Week CostumeDisney Girls Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Mad Hatter Teen Alice in Wonderland CostumeBoys Mad Hatter Book Week CostumeDark Mad Hatter Boys Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Ever After Madeline Hatter Teen CostumeGirls Deluxe Queen of Hearts Fancy Dress CostumeQueen of Hearts Girls Fairy Tale Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Deluxe Red Queen Fairy Tale Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Sweetheart Queen Storybook Fancy Dress Costume


Choosing Alice in Wonderland costumes for book week is perfect because when it’s lunch time you can gather with your friends and throw a crazy tea party with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and even a sleepy Dormouse! After lunch, delve into a game of croquet on the Queen of Hearts lawn with flamingos and hedgehogs providing the tools! Get in quick this year and choose some fun kids Alice in Wonderland book week costumes to look spectacular in for your school celebrations before the principle yells ‘Off With Their Heads!!!”

Kids David Walliams Book Week Costumes

Oh to live in the mind of David Walliams! If you’re looking for some different, and by different we mean quirky, kids 2019 book week costume ideas, then check out our hilarious range of fancy dress outfits for David Walliams book characters.

Dress up as the Boy in the Dress, then you choose if you’re going to be 12 year old Dennis or Denise for the day… it’s totally up to you! You can still be a talented footballer, even wearing a dress, and cross-dressing is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it can be a whole lot of fun!

Or maybe you’d like to be Ratburger Blind Burt this book week? That’s before you and Sheila meet your fate in the burger mincing machine of course! Zoe is giving you a headache with keeping Armitage out of your reach.. but perhaps you’ll find some suitable rodents hiding at school whilst the book week parade is in full swing.

David Walliams The Boy in the Dress Fancy Dress Costume for KidsBoys David Walliams Ratburger Fancy Dress CostumeKids Gangsta Granny David Walliams Fancy Dress CostumeDavid Walliams Grandpas Great Escape Kids Costume


Gangsta Granny knows where it’s at, so why not consider her as a kids book week costume this year? When it’s ‘Strictly Stars Dancing’ Friday – it’s time for Ben to hang out with Granny…. And he hates it! But Granny does more than just eat cabbage soup and play Scrabble. Choose Gangsta Granny, the international jewel thief who’s plotting to the steal the crown jewels, and defy old age in this lovable and mischievous David Walliams book week costume for kids.

If you’re dressing up with a friend for book week 2019…… then no Granny is complete without a Grandpa…… so get your best friend to wear this funny Grandpas Great Escape costume and be a famous David Walliams duo! He was a World War 2 flying ace but Matron Swine from Twilight Towers is trying to stop you dead in your tracks! Sometimes there’s no stopping a spitfire pilot though, so dress up in this Grandpa costume and together with your grandson Jack you can plot your daring escape!

Other quirky, fun and creative David Walliams characters to choose as 2019 Book Week costume ideas include Mr Stink, Billionaire Boy and Awful Auntie… all available here at Heaven Costumes!

Kids Roald Dahl Book Week Costumes

If your school principle is laid back and doesn’t get offended easily….. then test the waters in a Miss Trunchbull costume for book week this year and let the tables turn! Be the intimidating, hair pulling bully Miss Trunchbull in this officially licensed kids book week costume from Matilda. This ‘fittingly’ beige outfit comes complete with Trunchbull style eyebrows so you can really look the part and rule Crunchem Hall Elementary School. Wearing this movie themed kids costume for book week will make you the demanding and fearsome baddie – but even that won’t bring down the determination of Matilda herself…. And of course Miss Honey.

Need some more Roald Dahl inspiration for Book Week 2019? Well, you might not be 24 feet tall but you can still dress up as the BFG in this very funny (and very big-eared) kids book week costume. Stay away from Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and the other naughty giants while you go on your adventures with your friend dressed up as Sophie, to see Queen Victoria! Whoever chooses to wear the BFG costume can deal with frobscottle and the ensuing funny flatulence, whilst Sophie’s costume comes complete with your very own Snozzcumber in case you forget your lunch at this years school book week celebrations.

Girls Roald Dahl Miss Trunchbull Fancy Dress CostumeThe BFG Kids Roald Dahl Fancy Dress CostumeWilly Wonka Boys Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Fantastic Mr Fox Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Sophie from BFG Fancy Dress CostumeGirls The Witches Roald Dahl Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Veruca Salt Willy Wonka Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Charlie Bucket Fancy Dress Costume


Another fun kids book week costume idea for 2019, keeping with the Roald Dahl theme is none other than the Fantastic Mr Fox! Look after your furry family, especially your 4 little foxes and Felicity, and get everything you need from those mean farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

If your book week plans include falling into a chocolate-induced stupor, then maybe you should choose one of the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate factory as your 2019 dress up idea. Are you the one finding the Golden Tickets or are you the ultimate chocolate maker? At Heaven Costumes we have a great range of Willy Wonka kids book week costumes, plus Charlie and also Veruca Salt! Don’t get tricked into disobeying Wonka’s orders or you’ll be kicked out of the competition!

Kids The Cat in the Hat Book Week Costumes

He’s the eccentric stranger who has come to hang out with Sally and Sam….. and now you can too! Show the other kids all your crazy tricks along with Thing 1 and Thing 2, and together you can wreak havoc and cause a hurricane of a mess during your 2019 Book Week costume parade! Don’t forget to clean up just as fast though or you won’t really be in character! Choose a kids Cat in the Hat costume as this years book week dress up idea and strut around as the tall guy in the red and white striped hat and big bow tie!

Kids Cat in the Hat Fancy Dress CostumeKids Cat in the Hat Fancy Dress Costume KitKids Cat in the Hat Striped Costume HatKids The Cat in the Hat Costume Accessory Kit


Kids Fairytale Book Week Costumes

When it comes to 2019 Book Week costume ideas, you have to stop to consider the classics….. and good old fairy tale dress ups will provide you with wonderful themes to portray your favourite storybook characters.

Girls Disney Princess Ariel Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Disney Sleeping Beauty Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Beast from Beauty and the Beast Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Disney Princess Belle Beauty and the Beast CostumeBoys Robin Hood Storybook Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Cruella de Vil Storybook Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Storybook Prince Charming Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Disney Princess Rainbow Snow White Fancy Dress Costume


At Heaven Costumes Australia, you’ll find a massive range of fairy tale fancy dress costumes for boys and girls including Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, Ariel the Little Mermaid who has adventures under the sea but also on land. You can be Sleeping Beauty Aurora or Princess Belle dancing with the Beast at your next masked ball! If critters tend to follow you everywhere and you love to trill with the birds and the wildlife, maybe even have some short housemates – then maybe Snow White is the 2019 book week costume for you? Little Red Riding Hood might run into Robin Hood if through Sherwood Forest is how she gets to Grandma’s house, or maybe you’re the friend who can handle 101 Dalmatians and would like a spotty Cruella De Vil outfit as this years book week costume.

Other wonderful fairy tale book week costume ideas for 2019 include the rags to riches Cinderella so you can get one up on your ugly step-sisters or the glamorous Rapunzel who’s hair could be used as a skipping rope when you’re taking a break from all your school book week celebrations.

Kids Animal Book Week Costumes

They say you should never work with children or animals…….. so what if kids dress up as animals for their 2019 book week costume idea? Give your teachers a double whammy this year and choose from a variety of boys and girls animal outfits available right here at Heaven Costumes. An entire menagerie is right at your fingertips and perfect for creating a classroom Zoo! Choose from kids kitty cat costumes, mythical Unicorns, fuzzy bears, frightening dinosaurs, buzzing bees, cute bunnies, snappy crocodiles, lazy elephants, cunning foxes, lanky giraffes, fierce tigers, banana loving gorillas and more! Our extensive range of kids animal book week costumes are available in a fantastic selection of sizes to fit babies all the way up to teens! You can even find really easy animal dress up kits that don’t cost the world, or truly extravagant kids animal fancy dress costumes including inflatables or officially licensed themes such as Peter Rabbit and Peppa Pig!

Boys Jurassic World Raptor Dinosaur Fancy Dress CostumeKids Black Gorilla Fancy Dress Animal CostumeKids Dino Rider Funny Caveman Fancy Dress CostumeKids Striped Tiger Fancy Dress Animal CostumeGirls Black Kitty Cat Fancy Dress Animal CostumeGirls Funny Piggyback Unicorn Fancy Dress CostumeKids Grey Elephant Onesie Fancy Dress Animal CostumeKids Dotty Dalmatian Fancy Dress Animal Costume


Kids Movie Character Book Week Costumes

If you can watch a movie a hundred times and recite the lines word for word, then maybe movie character costumes are a great idea for your 2019 book week costume…… because when it comes to getting into character…. you’re already halfway there! So many kids movie character book week costumes are in stock here at Heaven Costumes, and include all your favourites!

Star Wars outfits such as Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker and other Jedi’s, are not only very cool dress up ideas, but awesome to have in the costume box for other fancy dress events.

Boys 1950's Grease Movie Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Star Wars Stormtrooper Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Pink Ladies Grease Movie Fancy Dress CostumeGirls The Wasp Ant-Man Movie Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Iron Man 3 Fancy Dress Superhero CostumeBoys Iron Spider Avengers Infinity War Superhero CostumeGirls Captain Marvel Avengers Superhero CostumeGirls Superhero Captain America Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Batman Justice League Superhero Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Despicable Me Minions Movie Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Deluxe Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Mal from the Descendants 2 Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Astrid Scale How to Train Your Dragon 3 CostumeBoys Gekko Pj Masks Fancy Dress CostumeGirls Queen Elizabeth 1 Horrible Histories Fancy Dress CostumeBoys Guy Fawkes Horrible Histories Fancy Dress Costume


Slick back your hair and be a greaser this year wearing your very own 1950’s Grease costume, or see if you’re allowed to bring roller skates to school for book week celebrations and be a fifties diner girl or swing and rock ‘n’ roll dancer.

The Avengers, Justice League and DC Comics characters make fantastic book week costume ideas for 2019 because the majority of them are superheros which coincides with this years Reading is My Secret Power theme. At Heaven Costumes you’ll find kids Aquaman costumes, boys and girls Ant-Man costumes, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman and Batgirl, Superman and Supergirl, Black Panther, Captain Marvel costumes and many more!

The new Toy Story 4 movie has just hit the big screens, so maybe your book week costume for 2019 should be Woody or Buzz Lightyear?! Never going out of fashion are the lovable Minions from Despicable Me, night-time warriors PJ Masks, The Disney offspring The Descendants, the crew from How to Train your Dragon and the hilarious and informative characters from Horrible Histories.

Kids Book Week costume ideas for 2019 are in abundance and almost endless! Heaven Costumes stocks thousands of fancy dress outfits for boys and girls in every theme and for every shape and size! Make sure you get in early and grab your kids book week outfits before all your favourites are sold out….. but if they do sell out, then have another read of our amazing book week costume ideas so you can still look fantastic and have the best school Book Week celebrations ever!!!

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