Women’s Costumes Guide

Women’s Costumes Guide

Women's Costumes & Fancy Dress Ideas

Have you been invited to another fancy dress party? Or are you organising your own? Maybe you're considering surprising your partner with some sexy role play in the bedroom? Well ladies... you are going to need some women's costumes, and here at Heaven Costumes you can guarantee you have come to the right place!



There are people in the midst of costume shopping who already have an idea as to the kinds of women's costumes they would be interested in however, we thought it may be useful to share some of our own thoughts and ideas about the who, what, why and when of women's costumes!

The diversity of choice in costumes for women is extensive. You could opt for more traditional sexy costumes such as French Maids, nurses and school girls, but the variety in sexy outfits now extends to many more themes. For example, sexy women's costumes are now available in styles such as angels, witches, storybook and fairy tale themes along with wicked queens, superheros, batgirl, animals, clowns and fairy costumes.


Not all women's costumes need to be sexy! If you are looking for a more conservative idea (maybe your in-laws will be at the event!) or would prefer to dress for comfort, most of the above mentioned themes are also available in more modest styles. Themes you may find appealing include historical costumes such as Renaissance or Medieval, hippie costumes, retro, international costumes, uniforms, 1920's costumes, Wild West cowgirls and the list goes on and on! With the ever growing range of fantastic women's costumes and accessories available here at Heaven Costumes, you're sure to find the perfect look you're after whether it be sexy and hot or modest and fun! The hardest part is not actually finding the perfect women's costumes ... stopping at just one is the tricky bit!

With such a large number of designs, ideas and themes it can be easy to get confused when choosing the perfect women's costumes for your next fancy dress party or event.

Many women’s costumes these days are leaning towards the sexy, risqué look. They often show off a shorter length dress, which can either be pulled over the head if the fabric allows, or zipped up the side. The dresses often end at mid-thigh, or even shorter. Many sexy women's costumes flare out at the waist with the addition of a petticoat, while some hug the body at the bust, waist and hips. There is often an open neckline, either in a v-shape, square shape, or rounded, which enhances and highlights the bust. One thing you’ll find common among all sexy women's costumes is that they are nearly always paired with some knee-high stockings or thigh-high stockings in complementary colours. Of course, there are many other styles of sexy women’s costumes, some more modest than others.

For the ladies who really want to make a statement and look truly amazing, there are a number of accessories to choose from which will complete the overall look of your women's costumes. Wearing a pair of false eyelashes with your outfit creates a touch of glamour, while wearing a pair of sexy shoes such as platform Mary Janes or stilettos enhances the sex appeal. There are also elegant long satin gloves and cute short gloves, which can improve the appearance of your look.

► Costume Accessories

At Heaven Costumes we believe that one of the best ways to complete any women’s fancy dress costume is to wear a beautiful costume wig. The wig should be selected to match the overall theme of what you are wearing. There are long blonde wigs for Alice in Wonderland and short curly wigs for a 1920's flapper girl. There are some very unique, quirky fashion wigs in bright pink, green, and other rainbow colours, as well as more natural looking wigs to give you instant sexy, realistic looking hair.

There are so many women’s costumes available for your next fancy dress party. Common party themes include pirate parties and movie character parties. Dressing up in a sexy pirate costume is always fun for women, as there is a great range to choose from. Teamed with a cute pirate hat and plastic sword, you can look sexy and feel confident. Movie character dress up parties are also popular where the following women's costumes may come in handy: Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Cinderella and Dorothy costumes (from the film The Wizard of Oz.) A lot of fun can be had choosing the right look to suit you and the theme of the party.

There are also many sexy styles available for the bedroom and are more commonly known as role play costumes. Some fancy dress outfits you have worn to a party can double up for bedroom play if they are sexy enough. At Heaven Costumes you will find sexy bedroom costumes designed specifically for use in the privacy of your own home. Sexy women's costumes are tight fitting, revealing, and often portray a character. It is a good idea to select a character you or your partner fantasise about. Men may get excited by a uniform style costume such as a sexy French Maid, a nurse, naughty schoolgirl or a more military sexy army girl costume. There is also the sexy playboy bunny costume, cute kitty's, or women’s beer girl costumes.

Plus size women can often have trouble finding a costume which will leave them feeling confident and sexy. At Heaven Costumes you will find a wide variety of women's plus size costumes, some for fancy dress parties, and some for fantasy bedroom role play. These plus size costumes have all been designed with the fuller figured body in mind, and will highlight all the sexy curves of a plus size woman.

Ladies can have a lot of fun with fancy dress costumes, both at a party and in the bedroom. Women's costumes can be entertaining and fun to put together, leaving you looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Check out our links below or browse through our women's costumes categories, everything you can put in your shopping basket is in stock in our Adelaide warehouse and ready for immediate dispatch.

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Happy shopping!

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