Costumes that Start with B

Costumes that Start with BFancy Dress Costumes that Start with B

Quite often these days it has become quite popular to dress up according to letters of the alphabet for example, costumes that start with B. Fear not! We're here to help and have made a list of awesome ideas so you can get a head start on Costumes that Start with B ...

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Big Bird

Buddy Holly

Baseball Player

British person

British flag


Belly Dancer




Black Widow – Avengers


Biker Chick

Barbie doll


Baby Spice


Barrel of Monkeys



Batgirl Costumes that Start with BBeer Wench Costumes that Start with BBatman Costumes that Start with B


Bavarian girl

Beauty Queen

Beer man

Beer wench

Beer girl

Betty Boop

Big Bad Wolf

Biohazard Zombie


Body Bag




Brutus – Popeye’s Mate

Black Widow


Bugs Bunny

Bullseye Dartboard


Barrel of Monkeys

Baby Costumes that Start with BFeather Burlesque Costumes that Start with B


Buzz Lightyear


Barney Rubble

Betty Rubble

Bollywood Lady

Bollywood Man

Bumble Bee

Bert – Sesame St


Belle – Beauty & the Beast




Costumes Starting with the Letter B – STRETCHING IT!!

Zorro – Bandido!

Tweety Bird – just be a Bird

Fozzie Bear – just be a Bear

Mr Burns – just be Burnsy!

Peter Brady – Brady Bunch

Mike Brady – Brady Bunch

Marcia Brady – Brady Bunch

Jan Brady – Brady Bunch

Greg Brady – Brady Bunch

Cindy Brady – Brady Bunch

Carol Brady – Brady Bunch

Bobby Brady – Brady Bunch

Alice – Brady Bunch

Sweeney Todd – Barber

Ms Blackmail – go with the title

Operation – a Board Game!

Little Bo Peep – Drop the ‘Little’

Pirate – add the word ‘Buccaneer!!’

Dead Bride – Bride

Corpse Bride – Bride

Frankie’s Bride – Bride

Headless Butler – Butler

Chickie Chicken – a Bird!

Circus Cutie – Big Top Circus

Biohazard Zombies – as long as your ooze is green!

Boogie Woogie Army Girl – for the Bette Midler fans!

Ken Doll – Barbie and Ken

Aside from these you can also use the colours blue or black in your fancy dress costume title and have unimaginative names like a black witch costume, or a blue morphsuit! You could also use words such as ‘bad’ and it to the start of Halloween costumes such as Bad Kitty costume or a Bad Angel costume. These ideas are getting a little desperate but you get the general gist of it!!

From Beer Wench costumes, Burlesque costumes, Beetlejuice and Bollywood costumes, to a Bloody Butcher costume, Buzz Lightyear and Brutus from Popeye costume, the letter B titled adult's costumes gives you a great range of possibilities! Halloween costumes, Women's costumes beginning with the letter B and men's costumes starting with B, are available in both regular and plus size costumes all in stock here in our Heaven Costumes warehouse!

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