Costumes that Start with E

Costumes that Start with EPopular Historical Costume Ideas for Couples

It's become a 'thing' these days to dress up according to letters of the alphabet for example, costumes that start with E. Fear not! We're here to help and have made a list of awesome ideas so you can get a head start on Costumes that Start with E...

Costumes that Start with E – Here are the obvious ones!

Elton John



Easter Bunny


Edward Scissorhands Costumes that Start with EErnie Costumes that Start with EElf Costumes that Start with E

Edward Scissorhands




Eddie Munster


Ernie – Sesame St



Elvis Costumes that Start with EEgyptian Costumes that Start with EEaster Costumes that Start with E



Costumes Starting with the Letter E – STRETCHING IT!!

Cleopatra – be an Egyptian instead

Rabbit – call it an Easter Bunny

Clown – make it an Evil Clown

Union Jack – English Flag

Dame Edna – drop the formalities and just be Edna!

Well… finding fancy dress and Halloween costumes starting with E is definitely tricky! Try adding some adjectives beginning with E to the beginning of your costume for example an Evil Fairy, Evil Queen or Evil Clown. Other fun adjectives you can use include Elegant, Eccentric and Elderly! When all else fails…. Maybe you should just pull out your bag of tricks and go to your costume party as the Entertainer!

From Egyptian costumes, Elvis costumes, Elephant and Emperor costumes, to an Easter Bunny costume, Eskimo and Edward Scissorhands costume, the letter E titled adult's costumes gives you a great range of possibilities! Halloween costumes, women's costumes beginning with the letter E and men's costumes starting with E, are available in both regular and plus size costumes all in stock here in our Heaven Costumes warehouse!

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