Costumes that Start with I

Costumes that Start with IFancy Dress Costumes that Start with I

Dressing up according to letters of the alphabet is a popular fancy dress theme these days, for example costumes that start with I. Fear not! We're here to help and have made a list of awesome ideas so you can get a head start on Costumes that Start with I...

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Costumes that Start with I – Here are the obvious ones!

Indian – Native American

Indian – Bollywood style


Irish Girl

Mr Incredible

Mrs Incredible

Ilithyia – from Spartacus


Ice Queen


Indian Costumes that Start with IIrish Costumes that Start with IIncredible's Costumes that Start with I



Costumes Starting with the Letter I – STRETCHING IT!!


Leprechaun – they’re Irish right!

I Dream of Jeannie

Baby – you could try ‘Infant!’

CSI – Investigator

Austin Powers – he is the ‘International Man of Mystery!’

Aside from these fancy dress and Halloween costume ideas, you could also try getting away with the colour ‘indigo’ in your costume title. You could also try adding words which start with the letter ‘I’ such as ‘immortal’ and ‘insane’  to the start of costumes , for example an Immortal Vampire Halloween costume or an Insane Asylum Halloween costume. These suggestions are getting a little desperate but you get the general idea!!

From Irish costumes, Investigator costumes, Indian and Inflatable costumes, to an Ironman costume, Infant and Inmate costume, the letter I titled adult's costumes gives you a great range of possibilities! Halloween costumes, women's costumes beginning with the letter I and men's costumes starting with I, are available in both regular and plus size costumes all in stock here in our Heaven Costumes warehouse!

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