Movie Costume Ideas for Couples

Popular Movie Costume Ideas for Couples

Have you and your partner been invited to a movie themed costume party and can’t decide what to go as? Do you want to dress up as a fairy princess while he was thinking more along the lines of a giant hotdog? Well, why not check out some of Heaven Costume’s great movie costume ideas for couples and be the best matching duo at the party (and ditch the hotdog idea.)


Fred Movie Costume Ideas for CouplesWilma Movie Costume Ideas for Couples


He’ll love the idea of dressing up like sexy movie star Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from the hit Walt Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean, while you can be his secret lover, Elizabeth Swann, in one of our sexy women’s buccaneer fancy dress costumes. Sail the seven seas together, hunt for pirate treasure, and re-enact the sexiest scenes from the film in these movie costume ideas for couples! Your costume dilemma is well and truly over, he’ll be more than happy as the strong, smooth talking pirate captain, while you’ll be his sexy little sidekick. You’ll definitely be the cutest couple at the party, and you’ll be matching too!

Shrek Movie Costume Ideas for CouplesShrek Movie Costume Ideas for Couples

Still not convinced about movie costume ideas for couples? Why not dress up as characters from your favourite Disney movie, with a sexy adult twist? You could be a cute Alice in Wonderland, complete with a raunchy, short blue frock and starch white apron, while he could be the white rabbit with a set of bunny ears, waistcoat and gloves. Or pair up as the King and Queen of Hearts, and shout “off with their heads!” You two could be a pretty Princess Fiona with our matching dress and wig, and the cringe worthy ogre Shrek, complete with costume mask, and “dance to the music” all night long. He could be Woody or Buzz from the hit Pixar flick Toy Story, while you could be a sexy Jessie cowgirl doll. The possibilities are endless when it comes to movie costume ideas for couples and you’ll have fun all night reliving those childhood memories.

Even after all these years, you can never go wrong with dressing up as one of The Flinstones (remember the hit cartoon television show in the 60’s?) What better movie costume ideas for couples than good old Fred and Wilma, or Barney and Betty? Go to your party and stand out from the crowd, and then at home really make the bed rock (wink wink nudge nudge). Another old school costume couple who are still popular today are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (circa 1920’s). Put on those black mouse ears and white gloves, and take centre stage at your party.

Simpsons Movie Costume Ideas for CouplesSimpsons Movie Costume Ideas for Couples

There is a whole world of options for yourself and your partner when selecting matching movie costumes for couples, and what better theme than television or film, which contain some of the greatest love stories known to man. You could go as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, and shock everyone with your superpowers. If you and your man are Star Wars fanatics, why not go as Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, or any of the other Star Wars costumes found on our website? Or if you want to have everyone in hysterics, how about dressing up as Kenny and Cartman from the hilarious comedy television show South Park? Or even Homer and Marge from hit tv show The Simpsons. The possibilities are endless in the television and movie theme, with hundreds of movie costume ideas for couples to choose from you’re sure to find something to suit your taste, whether it be silly, funny, cute or sexy, Heaven Costumes has everything to make yourself and your partner really stand out at your next party.

Happy shopping!

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