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Spooky Skelly Von Trap Women's Halloween Costume Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes – Because Horror can be Hot too!

Not all women's Halloween costumes cover you from tip to toe! In 2018, sexy women's Halloween costumes are where the horror’s at for all you hauntingly lovely ladies. There’s a huge range of racy styles and sassy characters to choose from to satisfy your spooky cravings in a totally sexy way!

Forget last years’ long robes, hooded cloaks or anything that covers your best assets – in 2018 head off to your October 31st fancy dress party and make a shocking statement wearing sexy women's Halloween costumes.

More often than not it’s your steely confidence, the scary character you’re portraying and no doubt your kick-butt attitude that will ooze the sex appeal, and choosing sexy women's Halloween costumes straight off the batty bat will give you an almighty head start for sure!

There are a whole bunch of horror slasher movie and tv character themed fancy dress costumes now available in more revealing and sexy styles for women. Like what you ask? Well you can forget the boring, beige, Ghostbusters overalls, jumpsuit type thing and dive into a totally sassy short dress version for women – you won’t be chasing ghosts in one of these sexy women's Halloween costumes, good chance they’ll just fall at your feet! Of course there’s also the well-known ‘resting b*#@h face’ of Wednesday Addams with her ‘Boring Betty’ conservative black dress. We say “spruce that up ladies!” and choose the daring, skin-baring, mini skirt and top style instead. If you’d rather be the motherly Morticia… well she already makes a Gothic gentleman weak at the knees with her seductive French accent, but a tighter, slinkier, lower cut black dress may just put him at her mercy.

Typically stereotyped ‘male’ horror characters from tv and movies, have also been transformed into sexy women's Halloween costumes. You can get all slash-happy as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th in your very own Miss Voorhees hockey style, machete wielding outfit, or show Freddy you can catch more bees with your own sweet honey in a stripey Miss Krueger costume, because Nightmares come in all shapes and sizes right?!

Ghostbusters Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesJason Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesWednesday Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesBeetlejuice Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes

The female equivalents of Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands are also super sexy women's Halloween costumes that you should definitely consider! The obvious and popular black and white stripes of Beetlejuice will make you instantly recognisable, the lowered bust line and lifted hem line will ensure you stand out for a completely different reason!

There’s also lots of twisted fairytale characters that have been morphed and manipulated into horror versions of their original selves, and they too, make for killer sexy women's Halloween costumes. They’re ghoulish, they’re blood splattered, they’re ripped and shredded – but there’s still plenty that’s morbidly appealing about a repulsive Alice in Wonderland and something deathly endearing about a vile zombie Dorothy or massacred Little Red Riding Hood!

Dorothy Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesAlice Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesSnow White Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesRiding Hood Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes

All well-known popular fancy dress characters put aside, sexy women's Halloween costumes are also re-invented using your regular, more traditional spooky themes. If you plan on dressing up as an immortal vampiress on October 31st then why not sink your fangs into the world of blood-lusting seduction with more provocative women’s vampire costumes. Casting spells and collecting frogs legs is what they do, but if you choose sexy women's Halloween costumes such as a flirty witch, you could likely leave the cauldron to cool for the night and leave the magic sizzling to your outfit.

Make your cheeky devil fancy dress costumes red hot in more ways than one too! Sharpen your devilish horns and set the room on fire, because devil sexy women's Halloween costumes are a smouldering way to melt the hearts of hellish demons!

In 2018, you may like to get around looking a little ‘broken’? If you don’t mind showing off your cracks then Evil Broken Dolls or Fallen Dark Angel sexy women's Halloween costumes will help you put the pieces together.

Witch Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesVampire Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesDolly Sexy Women's Halloween CostumesDevil Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes

Sexy women's Halloween costumes are exactly that, sexy…..for a number of reasons! They differ from your classic horror Halloween outfits by the way they are designed and styled. You’ll find shorter and more revealing hem lines (often with jagged cut edges for an even sneakier higher cut!), lower bust lines to match (because ‘what goes up, must come down’), figure hugging fits for added voluptuousness, longer skirts with thigh high splits give a naughty hint of skin, plus super sleek catsuit styles for a sexy smooth finish!

Completing your scary, spooky or horror look for 2018 with added accessories will send your sexy women's Halloween costumes into overdrive! Mysterious makeup to suit your character, matching sexy thigh highs or hot fishnets to get your legs in on the action, trashy as well as glamorous Halloween themed wigs and even slinky long gloves or creepy jewellery to boot. It’s time to perfect your malevolent moves and perfect your putrid pout…. Our sexy women's Halloween costumes are ready for 2018…. Are you?

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