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Here at Heaven Costumes we love working with and among our beautiful collection of masquerade masks. We search high and low for only the best masks and happily add them to our range on a very regular basis. While we love to spend time in our warehouse working with and packing and unpacking Venetian masquerade masks of every different description you can imagine, from feathered, hand painted masks to simple glitter face masks, we often also wonder where the idea of wearing a mask on your face comes from. So we did a little research and thought that we would share what we found.

If you'd like to get straight to the nitty gritty:

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Masquerade masks are an article worn on the face, typically for entertainment, protection, disguise or performance. Masquerade masks have been used throughout history in ceremonies and also for practical purposes. Ritual masks were used for important ceremonies in tribes all over the world, and were believed to help speak with spirits or offer a protective role of the community. These kinds of masks, which can be viewed in most museums today, were and still can be found in use in Africa, North America, China, the Middle East and even Europe.

Full Face Comedy Masquerade Masks

Masquerade masks have an expressive power, and are also often used in performance. For example, the classic ‘Comedy’ and ‘Tragedy’ masks are widely used in drama. A mask is often part of a costume which adorns the whole body. Masked performers originally can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They were then used in medieval Europe, to portray creatures and other mythical characters. Of course today masks are mainly worn by children, and adults at certain parties.

A masquerade ball is an event where the participants enter wearing masquerade masks, and sometimes a costume to go with it. The masquerade ball began in 15th century medieval Europe, as a part of court life. These balls then turned into costumed, public events in 16th century Italy, and became very popular in Venice, and are now associated with the Venetian Carnival. The masquerade balls were sometimes a game among guests. The wearers would be so well disguised by their masquerade masks and costumes that it was a fun, humorous game to try to decipher, basically, who was who.

In the late 1990s, a modernised version of masquerade balls once again gained popularity in North America. This has stemmed to other regions of the world, with mask parties now becoming popular among many teenagers and adults. There are many different costume masks to choose from for both men and women, in a range of colours and styles.

Black and Red Brocade Masquerade Masks

Modern masquerade masks are made from a variety of materials. The base of the mask can be plastic PVC, papier mache, plastic resin, paper and plaster. They can be decorated any way the artist chooses to do so, creating an array of pictures and patterns. Some common decorations are rhinestones, beads, glitter, fake jewels, flowers, lace and feathers, all of which make the mask stand out and complement the wearer. The masquerade masks come in a rainbow of colours, ensuring you find one to suit your outfit.

Masquerade masks come in many different shapes. These days, the most common is the half face mask, which covers part of the forehead, around the eyes, some of the cheeks, and sometimes the nose. This costume mask is popular as it allows the wearer ease of movement, breathing, expression and speech. The other kind of mask is the full face mask. This costume mask is often Venetian style, encompassing the entire face. This costume mask does restrict speech and movement, and of course only has one expression. The good thing about the full face mask, however, is it does conceal the wearer’s identity completely.

Hand Held Feather Masquerade Masks

The ways in which masquerade masks can attach to the face also vary. Many masks come with a simple elastic band, so that the mask slips over the head and easily remains in place. Another way is by ribbons attached to the sides, tying in a bow at the back of the head. This allows for adjustment in sizing to ensure the wearer is comfortable. Another style is the ‘stick mask’, where the masquerade masks are attached to a long handle. This is held by the wearer up to the face. This is an excellent choice if you find it irritating to wear a mask the whole night, as it may be put down and picked up whenever the wearer chooses. Masquerade masks which are built on 'arms' like glasses, are also a great new design with comfort and usability as their main feature.

There is nothing quite like concealing ones identity from a room full of people. It creates an air of mystery, which can be quite alluring and sensual.

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So now you have read what we learned about masquerade masks, maybe like us you will appreciate them even more. With one of our Heaven Costume’s masquerade masks, there is a good chance that you’ll have all eyes on you at your next party and we hope you will be the owner of the most beautiful mask in the room. With masks for both men and women in always in stock, it’s easy to find something for you and your partner to wear on a great night out. Browse through out masquerade masks categories below to find the perfect style for you!

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