You Might Like to Know....

You Might Like to KnowYou Might Like to Know....

We get a lot of questions about our business, what we do and why, so we have put together some answers for you here. Advantages of buying from a warehouse Briefly: We have seen the actual products - they are here with us in our office/warehouse. Our product descriptions are written from the actual stock – not from photos. We believe in our costumes and accessories enough to buy them ourselves and keep them in stock for you. We definitely have it in stock...

We get a lot of questions about our business, what we do and why, so we have put together some answers for you here.

Advantages of buying  from a warehouse


We have seen the actual products - they are here with us in our office/warehouse.

Our product descriptions are written from the actual stock – not from photos.

  • We believe in our costumes and accessories enough to buy them ourselves and keep them in stock for you.
  • We definitely have it in stock – it is here in Adelaide, Australia -ready to express today!
  • We ensure that the photo online accurately represents the costume- we can do that because we have the stock to compare to the photo – or we take a new photo!
  • We only sell items that we have – not items that someone else has and then oversells.
  • Anyone can load a brand’s database into their website and claim to have 1000’s of costumes when in fact they don’t ‘have’ any – this is dishonest and we don’t do it!

If you are going to a fancy dress up costume event or party and have forgotten to get your costume, then you are in luck, because Heaven Costumes is one of the very few online stores who can get your costume to you fast. Why? Because it is all in stock and ready to ship – if you choose express post and live in an Australian capital city (except Perth, Darwin or Hobart) then we can ship your order from our Adelaide warehouse today and you will get it tomorrow! Can’t get quicker than that!

This lightening fast service means that it can be faster for you to buy your fancy dress costume online from Heaven Costumes than it is to go to your local costume shop. Whether you want a women’s costume, a men’s costume, sexy women’s costumes or wigs, masks and accessories, the delivery is incredibly fast and you can have it by the weekend.

Another advantage of buying your fancy dress costume online from Heaven Costumes, is that you can easily browse our online store and see all our costumes in any way you like – just use the search bar and type in what you are looking for and you will be able to see exactly what we have in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Heaven Costumes is an Adelaide based online store specialising in discounted adult fancy dress costumes, masquerade masks, costume wigs, gothic wigs, sexy costumes, hosiery and costume accessories. We have huge stock in our Adelaide warehouse and it is all ready for immediate delivery! We are one of the very few online fancy dress costume retailers who carry all our stock in our warehouse; the advantage to you is that we can deliver all orders with lightening speed and once you have placed your order you have secured your stock – we won’t phone you in 3 weeks to say that the item you want is not in the country!

One other enormous advantage with buying your next fancy dress costume from us, is that because we have the stock here- we have described very accurately it from the actual item – not from a photo. Many online sellers have never actually seen the products that they are selling to you! Our staff will often try on the costumes that they are describing on our website so that they can give you all the information that you need to make a good and informed decision about your costume purchase.

Why buy online?

We understand that buying fancy dress costumes and sexy costumes online can be a daunting task, so to help you feel confident we can guarantee you that we only carry the highest quality of costumes and use only the manufacturer’s photos to represent our costumes. We never pass off inferior quality or cheap Chinese copies / imitations as branded ones by using photos that misrepresent. You can be sure that what you see is what you get.

We also ensure that size information is included with every costume – we want you to get it right first time! It is important to us that you are happy with your purchase and that you tell your friends! Although we are happy to exchange or refund your purchase, it is better for you and us if you get the right product in the first place. Our size information includes measurements to help you.

One further advantage of buying your next fancy dress costume online is that online stores have much lower overheads than bricks and mortar stores – so we are able to sell our products cheaper – even with postage costs – you still save!

Buying vs Hiring

Why not buy your next fancy dress party costume instead of hiring. The benefits are that you don’t have to worry about any damage to your costume and losing your deposit.  It doesn’t need to cost you more to have a fresh unused costume.

Don’t waste hours in a crowded costume hire store searching endlessly, when it is so easy, economical and fast to buy online. The best bit is you keep the costume – no going back to the hire shop on Monday!

Free Shipping vs Flat Rate Shipping

We offer flat rate shipping to Australia and very competitive prices for international orders. The advantage to you of paying a flat rate for your shipping is that you only pay shipping one time for the entire order – we don’t build shipping costs into each and every product price! Remember that free shipping means that you actually pay full shipping for each item in your order – we prefer to keep our prices very low.

Why are other online stores selling very similar products cheaper?

When you see costumes that look very similar (if not the same) as our costumes at very cheap prices on other sites, it means 1 of 2 things:

  • Either they are having a clearance sale of a few items


  • They are selling cheap Chinese fakes!

There is a common practice for unscrupulous online stores to sell cheap copies and pass them off as the originals by illegally using the original brand’s photos of the product. This leaves a lot of people very disappointed when they receive the actual costume and it looks nothing like the original. Remember, you get what you pay for – if it looks too good to be true – it probably is!

Will you price match with International sellers?

When you buy your fancy dress costumes from overseas, you need to include the much higher shipping costs (often a minumum of USD50.00 per order) and then the exchange rate and any additional bank fees you will be charged.  By the time you add all of this up, you usually find that it is not actually cheaper to buy from USA or Europe.

The reason that our prices here in Australia are higher in the first place is the same as the reasons it is more expensive for you to buy from International online stores - we need to include the higher shipping costs to us, and the exchange rates as well as duties and taxes.

What  is special about our stock?

We stock the entire range of Australia’s own brand of costumes and accessories ‘Elevate’ which is superior in quality, style and fit to most other brands available in Australia. Elevate costumes manufacture the best value costumes you can get – they are not the ‘disposable’ costumes of many other brands but the price is not much more than cheaper quality costumes.

‘Elevate’s sexy women’s costumes includes themes like sexy Snow white, sexy Cinderella, and other fairytales, sexy nurses, sexy schoolgirls, sexy beer wenches, mad hatter and bunny / rabbit costumes, sexy Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, 1920’s flappers, bad cops, sexy pirates and sexy gangsters.  Elevate’s sexy costume range also includes spooky Halloween themed costumes for women like sexy witches, sexy mummy’s, sexy gothic vampires and bad fairies.

Elevate also manufacturers fancy dress costumes  that are more conservative and longer for women with themes covering, beer wenches, Halloween witches, Spanish Senorita’s, Supergirl, wild west saloon girls, Vampires for Halloween, gorgeous high quality long cloaks.

For men, Elevate includes costume themes such Mac Daddy, Priest, doctors scrubs and lab coats, pirates, gangsters, cops, sailors, Matrix, zoot suits, robbers / convicts, hippies, Halloween devils, Halloween vampires, grim reaper and a lot more.

Elevate’s costume wigs are some of the best quality and value for money wigs for men and women you can get. Themes include supermodel and china doll bobs, glamour wigs in a variety of colours, long, short, straight curly black, blonde, red, blue and every other kind of wig. The range is growing all the time and will soon be the largest range available in Australia as well as the best and most affordable.

Our ranges include very sexy corsets that can be used for private bedroom play or are just as wonderful with a pair of jeans or with a petticoat to create a fantastic 80’s look. We also have a very competitively priced range of brand name hosiery –these are top of the range at very low prices.

Our masquerade masks are sourced both through Elevate Costumes as well as from USA and include stunning venetian jester style masks that can be used for masquerade parties and events or for hanging on walls. Other masks include feather plumed venetian style masks, and simpler vinyl masks as well as more complex paper mache masks. Our prices are extremely low for our unique and stunning range  of carnival, mardi gras, disguise and masquerade ball venetian style masks, and many of these masks can’t be found elsewhere in Australia.

We carry an extensive range of other brands also including Dreamgirl, Rubies, Roma, Bewicked, Music Legs, and other great international brands. We are able to offer these brands at low prices as we buy in bulk and pass on the savings to you.

Happy Shopping!

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