St. Patrick's Day Costumes

St. Patrick's Day Costumes for March 17th

St. Patrick's Day costumes and accessoriesare a must for anyone embracing the day of 'green' on March 17th! Head down to the pub for a drop of Guinness and do an Irish jig dressed head to toe in fabulous green St. Patrick's Day outfits. You can dress up as a Leprechaun of course, chasing that pot of gold, or simpler green skin suits make great St. Patrick's Day costumes that you can decorate yourself. Don't forget your 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' neck ties and novelty hats, plus Shamrock head boppers and headbands for a quick St Paddy's touch!

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St. Patrick's Day costumes also come in sexy styles for the ladies and very smart looking, green clover print Stand Out Suits for the more formal events in town.

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Wack on a pair of novelty green beer glasses and some sparkly 'Luck of the Irish' stick on make up to complete your St. Patrick's Day costumes this year.  Topping off your celebratory outfits with even more colour couldn't be easier with some vibrant green cosmetics plus green wigs that are just bursting with Irish pride! Now we're off to find some rainbows :)

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