Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costumes – Halloween Dress Up Ideas that Suck…. Blood!

Look out for garlic, silver bullets and wooden stakes this Halloween, especially when you’re dressed up in frightening Vampire costumes for adults and kids! Abandon your coffins during this spooking season, smooth out the creases in your capes and go on a blood lusting hunt (otherwise known as trick or treating) dressed up in Vampire costumes so creepy, even the bats will get goose bumps!



Vampire costumes are a fantastic, traditional fancy dress up idea for Halloween. Styles are available for men, women, boys and girls to be Vladimir or Count Dracula for a day, or even a lovely Vampiress!

Women's Vampire Costumes
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Women’s Vampire Costumes can be long and elegant or sexy and cheeky! You can find fabulous quality vampire dresses in black and red, with smooth satin finishes or stray a little from the norm with different colours including purple vampires or outfits with spider webs and bats to decorate! Maybe you’d prefer to be a Victorian Vampire or a Steam Punk Vampire? You can also top off your sexy women’s vampire costumes with matching Gothic themed jewellery such as earrings and chokers.



Men's Vampire Costumes
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Men’s Vampire Costumes will get the attention of blood fearing mortals and turn you into a ravishing damned kindred. Give your lady vamp the kiss of death wearing high-collared vampire capes and vests, complete with Dracula medallion necklaces and Transylvanian crosses. You can even find matching Vampire Costumes for women and men so you can attend your Halloween event as a lethal, brooding couple!



Kids Vampire Costumes
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Vampire costumes for kids come in a variety of styles and sizes also so all the little fledglings can get in on some blood sucking action too! You can find a great range of Vampire costumes suitable for girls and boys, in toddler to teen sizes, including adorable little vampiress outfits and cute Count Dracula styles too!

Dress up accessories for your Vampire Costumes are a must! Don’t go past some gory fake blood to smear all over yourself, or even some fake blood capsules to explode between your teeth so you can look like a bloody, drooling vamp, fresh from the hunt! Awesome prosthetics are also a great idea to plaster your neck with fake vampire bites and don’t forget the all-important fangs! Vampire costumes just aren’t complete without a pointy set of vampire fangs!

Finish off your Halloween outfit with a great range of Vampire wigs so you can truly look like an authentic Vampire. Long vamp wigs for men and women come in a spooky range of styles such as typical black, black with stripes, slicked back looks and even curly Vampire wigs.

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