FAQ's - Quick & Easy!


A Shop, or Not a Shop?

Learn about our online and virtual store.

Where are you guys?

Our fabulous (and the best) costume shop Australia operates out of Adelaide, South Australia, the delightful city of churches!

Have you guys got a shop?

Not one with racks – sorry! But one with over 120,000 products in stock - Yes! We are a walk-in online virtual costume shop!

No shop! How the heck do I find out what extraordinary costumes, masks, wigs & accessories you have?

By browsing through our totally brilliant website www.heavencostumes.com.au

You can browse in the comfort of your own home, from your mobile if you're hanging out in your car, or come and visit us and make use of our customer computers! So feel free to pop in! Also, for those popping in - we lilke lollies, we like it when people bring us lollies :-)

Can I come and have a look?

A little bit of yes, and a little bit of no?! Considering we have everything stored in our warehouse in a very organised manner allowing us to find things, it means you can't meander through hanging racks and shelves and stuff! But..... it IS all here in stock so, once you've had a browse using our super high tech customer computer banks, or if you already have an idea of what you're after.... we'll go and fetch it for you from 'out the back' so you can see what you're buying first, and take it away on the spot if it ticks all the boxes!

Do you want to know what that means?  It means that instead of only having... oh.... around 10,000 products..... like a regular shop, we have over 120,000 products right here available to you immediately! That means that on average, for every 1 product you can choose from in a 'normal' shop, we can offer you 12 different varities!!! Ummmm Hello??? It's a no brainer!!! 

Opening Hours Please?

Our office and warehouse is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Thursday until 6pm and Saturday's 10am-3pm, at 25 Fenden Rd, Salisbury Plain, South Australia. Our online live chat is also accessible during these times. 

Contacting a Real Live Person!

Questions? Find out how to reach us.

Can I ring you?

You sure can! Wait, as long as you’re calling about our ultra cool costumes and dress up things, if you’re calling to try and sell us something then NO!! Here’s our phone number – 08 8258 5141.

I'm ringing but nobody's answering the phone?!

That’s because you can only call us on days that don’t start with ‘S’ and it has to be between 9am and 5pm. Actually update.... One 'S' is doable! You can now get hold of us on Saturday's too - but only between 10am and 3pm!

Can I email you?

Yep! And we will answer your emails extra super fast! Unless you email us at some ridiculous hour of the night… then you’ll just have to wait until the next day! (unless it’s the weekend… then you’ll have to wait until Monday). Here's our email address - service@heavencostumes.com.au

Pick Ups

Organise pick ups from our Adelaide warehouse.

I'm too impatient to wait for the Postie, can I pick up my super cool costume?

Absolutely! You can even save yourself some time and place an order before rocking up so we know what to get ready! Or just mosey on in.... you do the shopping, and we'll do the rest!

This is where we you will find our mega funky dress up costumes HQ – 25 Fenden Road, Salisbury Plain SA.

When can I pick up my fabulously fabulous costumes?

Have you placed an order with us first? If you have… then the length of time it takes for you to get here, is how long you have to wait to pick your costume order up! We give ourselves a gold star for efficiency! If you're doing shopping with us in-store, then if we get our fastest staff member to get your order..... you're looking at about 15 seconds wait time.... if we make our slowest staff member get it..... well, uh-oh.... let's not talk about that shall we.

I can't get there THAT fast! What time do you close?

You can come and get your pre-ordered costumes, masks, wigs and other bits & pieces between 9am and 5pm, business days Monday to Friday, Thursday until 6pm and now also open Saturdays between 10am and 3pm.

Are you guys open on weekends?

Well technically our online fancy dress costume store is open 24/7 so you can shop for awesome costumes whenever you want! If you mean do us humans work on the weekends, in the offices and warehouse? No sorry! We need some time off to put up our weary feet! Updated info right here.... some of us will now be available at the warehouse on Saturdays..... between 10am and 3pm.....you're welcome!

Getting the Size Right!

Learn how to find the best fit for you.

I found the best costume ever! Can I try it on?

Once you get it home you can! We don’t have any change rooms or anything so you can’t try your costumes on here, besides that we might get a bit embarrassed and giggly if you got your gear off in our offices…. We know, we know..... some customers don't like this.... AT.... ALL!!! Urrggghhhh!! Here's the thing though...... Our distribution centre consists of offices and a warehouse. We have transformed an office section into a walk in shop front with computer banks (the worlds first 'Virtual Store'!!!!). Do you want to know why we did this? so that you Radelaidians can get a first hand squizz at our stuff, if we hadn't have done it, you wouldn't be able to see anything at all, just like our customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Tassie etc, etc! 

So, you are lucky!! You know why else you're lucky? Because by NOT having changerooms means we don't have to allow for stock loss or damage from being on display in a shop - for you, that means we can keep our prices lower than other shops.

Here's another reason you're lucky - it means every single thing we get out for you to look at is in brand new condition! It hasn't been groped by 712 people last Halloween from hanging on a rack, it hasn't fallen off a rack and been trodden on or dragged down a dirty carpeted shop aisle, and it hasn't had 3 kids sticking their heads in all the arm holes playing peek-a-boo with their sibling who's just wiped sauce across his face from having nuggets for lunch before Mum decided to pop in for their book week costumes. No, seriously!

Not convinced? here's another reason you're lucky - by ONLY having offices and a warehouse, and NOT having a shop with changerooms.... we can offer you over ten times more products than 'regular' shops! Regular shops can't display that much stock otherwise they'd need a building the size of at least 3 K-Marts (have you ever even seen one that big?).... and that's what we'd need too, so instead of cutting down how much stuff we can have available to you, we'd prefer that you have more to choose from and instead experience our virtual store with almost personalised shopping right at your finger tips!

How am I supposed to know what size costume I should get?

Click on the costume you like on our website and have a gander at the size & measurement chart, then compare what you see with your own measurements. Easy Peasy!

What if I don't know my own measurements?

Grab a tape measure and measure away! If you don’t have one… a piece of string and a ruler can do the trick, or suss out the tags inside some of the clothes you already have!

Does this ultra spunky costume come in a different size?

Usually not… whatever you see on the website is what’s available! You can always call us to double check though.

Are Your Costumes Good Quality or Cheap S*%T??!!

Learn about our varying costume quality.

That’s a fair question, the answer is – they can be both! Sometimes we don’t want a $100 costume, sometimes we want something cheap so we can slash it all up and chuck blood and guts all over it!! Other times we want something of better quality, because we are socialites and have a number of fancy dress events to attend, so we need a costume that’ll last for more than one party! Lots of different things depend on how a costume is going to hold up and the big question – does it even look like the photo?!! So guess what? We are giving it to you straight, with our….

Official Quality Ranking System!

Check out what we did! We have gone through every single costume ( and accessory… and mask…. etc) and made an overall decision on whether it’s quality is Budget, Moderate, High or Deluxe! We don’t like getting ripped off any more than the next person, so here’s the plain old truth and…. as an extra delight, you can use this info across the costume selling board – no matter where you find your awesome costume for sale, it is what it is and the standard and quality won’t change just because someone else is selling it!

You can suss out all the quality differences between costumes we have found at THIS link!

You Get What You Pay For.. Myth or Truth?

Myth!! Nothing could be further from the truth! The most obvious example of this is when you buy a licensed product – the prices get amped up nicely so that the Licensor eg. Disney make a nice quid, even though the quality of costume you’re getting could be quite low!  Our own Australian brand Elevate, costumes we make ourselves, are on the other hand brilliant quality at a much cheaper price… no middle man = our customers win!

How do I Look After My Costume, Can I Wash It?

Probably not a good idea in all honesty! Costumes are..... 'Costumes' !!! Although some costumes are of a very high quality with deluxe fabrics being used, they are still 'costumes' and should be treated as such! Costumes are not manufactured to withstand the same wear or cleaning processes as you would expect from everyday clothing. Costumes are also not designed to be worn on a daily basis like clothes are, so naturally the integrity of the product will not meet the same standard as clothing you can wash over and over and over again! If you do find you have marked or soiled your costume in some way, we recommend gently wiping or dabbing the area with a slightly moistened cloth or sponge. Due to the nature and purpose of costumes, we cannot guarantee an upholding of original quality if the costume has undergone any form of cleaning process!! We will also not be held responsible nor liable for any damage caused to costumes by being washed!


I found the perfect costume on your site- now I can't see it.

Possible reasons for disappearing products.

There could be 1 of 2 reasons for this:

1. We have turned the product offline because someone else bought it - this way you don't have to look at things we don't even have in stock - we don't like to tease!

2. It is a 'Budget Costume' - these can't be found by searching - you will just have to go to the Budget Costumes category, choose your size and look through what we have - with luck the amazingly low priced perfect costume for you is still there!

What if I Want THIS Costume?

How to know if we have a particular costume.

I saw the world's greatest costume the other day, have you guys got it?

If you can’t find it on our website then…no! We don’t keep the extra cool costumes to ourselves – we stick it straight on the site for you to see so you can get just as excited as us about finding it!

Now I found the best costume on the planet, but not on your site, can you get it for me?

Sometimes ‘yes’ and sometimes ‘no’. We would have to find out more about it and if it is available from our costume suppliers – best you give us a call ok!

I wasn't fast enough and this awesome costume sold out - when will it be back?

Well that depends… if the costume is discontinued – you are sadly out of luck. You can click on the ‘email me when back in stock’ button of that costume for an automated email, or get on the blower so we can find out straight away and put you out of your misery!

What if I don't want to pay full price?

Do we price match? Heck no!!!! Sorry for being so blunt, but have you shopped on Wish? Have you shopped on eBay thinking you're getting a legit product from Australia only for it to arrive 3 weeks later plastered with China freight info?! Yeah, exactly! So don't get mad at us for not price matching! Get mad at all those online places that decided to steal photos to sell crappy, cheap versions of the real deal! When you see something online for a massively cheaper price than ours....... there's about a 200% chance that the other is a cheap Chinese fake. So when our costume costs $20 to make, theirs cost 20cents, and when you get it you'll understand why! You're not looking at the same product!! If you don't care about cheap Chinese rip-offs then we say go for it - buy the cheaper one you saw...... on the other hand though, if it's that cheap then why not just get it? why ask us to price match? Is it maybe because you have a gut feeling that the other one'll end up being instafamous for a 'look what I got off Wish' post? Yeah, thought so, and you don't want to get ripped off any less than we do!!

So, technically we aren't in the business of bartering but.... we too like to test the waters and see if we can get discounts when we shop! So.... If you're committed enough to read thus far in our FAQ's then we think it's only right that you be rewarded. Clicking on the following link will take you to all our current discount coupon codes and promotions. Shhhhhh! It's our little secret!

Take Me to Discount Coupons Please!

Where's My Stuff?

Find out how to check your order status.

I didn't receive an Order Confirmation or Tracking Number

Our system is set up to automatically send out emails and tracking numbers. When placing your order through our website you would have been asked for your email address so this information can be sent to you.

If you didn't receive an Order Confirmation, or Shipping/Tracking Number information after placing your order - there's really only one reason why! YOU MADE A TYPO!!

Please ensure you cross all your T's and dot all your I's when entering your details! If you have mistakenly entered the incorrect email or any other details for your account - please contact us to rectify any issues so you can continue to receive important information about your order.

How long until my dress up costume gets here? I'm excited and want it NOW!

We zip around all day long and make sure that every order placed before 4pm (Adelaide time) gets in the post that day. Express delivery will get to most places in Australia the next business day, but don’t blame us if it doesn’t and you didn’t ask us or check your postcode here first!

How do I know if you've sent my order?

As long as you gave us a valid email address when you placed your order then you will know! This is why we ask for email details! An automated email will be sent to you the second your parcel has been posted. With  express delivery you will also receive a tracking number for your package which will be included in your email!

I can't log in to my account, grrrrr!

You can track the history and progress of any orders you've placed by logging in to your account if you registered at the time of placing your order. If you are experiencing difficulties with logging in you troubleshoot by following the process outlined in this link!

Where's my parcel? I swear it should be here by now!

Ok, so it's been sent by express post...  as long as you double checked that you’re in the overnight delivery area and it has been longer than an entire business day – then grab your tracking number from your email and go to either Australia Post or Star Track https://startrack.com.au/ (depending on who your order is being delivered by)  Also, back in the olden days the Postie used to leave a card in your letterbox if they had a parcel for you and you weren’t home! This is not always the case anymore… so it is always a good idea to check if your parcel is sitting at your local post office! One more thing....Deliveries within the Adelaide metropolitan area may also be made using APD couriers, you know.... just to spice things up! Estimated delivery times are still the same though and the tracking info for deliveries via APD couriers can be found at http://online.apdparcel.com.au/track/. You'll get all this stuff in your tracking information email anywho... so don't get too confused! If your order was sent using standard shipping..... don't forget that delivery will take 2-6 business days, so hang in there!

Can I cancel my order?

All Heaven Costumes orders are processed through our online ordering system and prepared for dispatch immediately after placing the order. We pride ourselves on the speed at which orders are processed and dispatched, to guarantee fast and timely delivery of all orders to our valued customers.

Due to the speed at which orders are prepared and dispatched, we are unfortunately not able to accommodate order cancellation requests.

All orders will continue to be dispatched daily, Monday to Friday business hours. If for any reason, you no longer require an order, you can await the delivery of your order and you may then return your parcel for a refund, as per our refunds policy which can be viewed at the following link: View full Refunds Policy.

What if my costume doesn't fit or I think I look silly?

Then hop to it and send the costume back to us to exchange it or for a refund. BUT! Please make sure you read the ‘returns & exchanges’ policies first… because if we can’t re-sell things then we have to be big meanies and not accept it, which makes us feel really bad.

Do you guys price match? I found the exact same deluxe costume for $100 less!

Ha ha! Well if this is the case, then buy it!! What are you waiting for? Just be careful though – because there is about a 100% chance that what you have seen is a fake and will NOT look like it does in the photo! It is mainly for this reason that unfortunately we don't price match (there are other reasons too of course...) but sorry, price matching is a 'no can do' !!

Uh-Oh it's broken! What do I do?

If you receive your awesome fancy dress costumes, masquerade masks, fashion wigs or other cool accessories and stuff and they're broken – chase down your Postie and yell at them for being rough!! Just kidding. In most cases we will send you out a replacement item post haste (if we have it!) – but it will depend on what the product is, we may ask that you send the damaged goods back to us, and we may ask that you forward us a photo. This kind of whoopsie needs to be dealt with on an individual basis!

Troubleshoot, Troubleshoot! Help!

Troubleshoot, Troubleshoot! Help!

How to fix common website issues.

There's stuff in my shopping cart that I didn't put there!

Don't panic at the disco! If you find additional items in your shopping cart, that you definitely didn't add yourself, there's probably a really good reason! Our system is set up so that if you purchase a costume which has separate accessories included eg. masks, helmets, hats etc. they will appear in your cart as separate items - but don't worry! You'll see that they have a price tag of $0!! The reason we do this is because quite often these accessories are stored in our warehouse in a different area from the costume you are purchasing, because we don't want them to get squished or broken! And.... we don't want to 'forget' to send them to you along with your costume, so they are automatically added to your shopping cart, your order and to your invoice. We use your final order to collect all the bits and pieces we need, by having the included accessories mentioned on your order, we can ensure that the whole kit and kaboodle will be sent! You aren't getting charged any extra, the included accessories are still part of the original price of your costume.... we guess you could call it a paper trail of sorts, so that all the items on your order can get a big green tick before being sent to you!

What's up with your checkout page? Nothing's working!

We have a solution! There's also a good chance we know what the problem is! Is the browser you are using Internet Explorer 9? If it is, keep reading! If it isn't, we don't want you to get frustrated (kicking computers, smashed screens etc don't usually end well) so give us a call on 08 82585141, and we'll get you sorted!

For Internet Explorer 9 users, listen up! Back in the olden days IE9 was great but.... lots of new and updated websites these days use the latest HTML5 technology. What does this mean? In a nutshell, it means that IE9 is not fully compatible with websites like ours, that have this shiny new technology installed! Why do we use HTML5 technology? Two words.... It's Safer! For everybody!

What can you do? Well, obviously you can give us a call and we can place your order over the phone! But... you have more options - You can switch to using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. You can also update your IE9 browser to the newest version. Updating your browser is definitely a good idea! When you update, it means newer and more advanced security measures are installed in your system, so you get safer and faster browsing all round!

If all of that is a tad bit confusing, don't stress! You can still place your order and select 'pay by phone' during checkout, then give us a buzz to complete your payment. Or... just call and we'll do the whole lot for you! Once we've got your order all sorted out, we can also talk you through the process of updating your browser if you wish, so you can have smoooooth internet sailing from here on in!


Your browser is out-of-date!

Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now