Men's TV & Movie Costumes

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Movie Themed Men's Costumes

Dressing up as a character from a movie or television show is always a fun way to spend a fancy dress costume party. Browse our great range of men's tv character costumes and men's movie costumes right here!

Our men's character costumes include the Harry Potter Death Eater costume, Buzz Lightyear costume or Woody costume from hit movie Toy Story, and there's even the Fred Flintstone costume or Barney Rubble costume from The Flintstones. There are even characters from The Simpsons, like the Homer Simpson costume or Mr. Burns costume.

This is such a fun costume theme, as there are many ideas that men will like. Do you want a men's Shrek costume? Perhaps you'd like a Star Wars costume? We even have South Park character costumes. More often than not you'll have the whole party in stitches over your hilarious, authentic movie or television themed men's fancy dress costume!

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