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The Morphsuit company brand was first established in Scotland in 2009 after two brothers and their flatmate decided to experiment after witnessing the attention received by another friend at a party wearing a Zentai suit! The rest, as they say.... is history.

Morphsuits are skin tight spandex fancy dress costumes which cover the entire body. They can be seen through, breathed through and have liquids consumed through - making them a great all-round party friendly disguise! A plethora of different Morphsuit designs from plain to hippie to Halloween, are now distributed worldwide and continue to be a trend setting first choice in the fancy dress costume industry.

At Heaven Costumes you will find a great collection of adult Morphsuits including plain, patterned, characters and patriotic suitable for wear by both men and women - the new Morphsuit expansion plan included the inflatable Morphsuits which can also be purchased here at Heaven Costumes. All of our Morphsuits are officially trade marked with the Morphsuit symbol so you are only getting the real deal!

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