Why Buy Costumes from Australia?

Why Buy Costumes from Australia?Come and Buy Costumes from Australia!

Advantages of buying costumes online from Australia Are you an online shop-a-holic like me? Do you just love how easy it is, and how with just a few clicks you can do all your shopping. Online shopping is a great way to find things that aren’t available in stores, and what makes it even better is you can get everything delivered straight to your door!

There is a huge difference between purchasing online from overseas and online in Australia. We all get so many benefits when you buy costumes from Australia! It’s great for the economy, it’s great for bringing jobs back into the country, and it’s great for customers too!

The first reason why online shopping, and why you should buy costumes from Australia is so much better is that the stores (especially Heaven Costumes) are very easy to contact. There’s always a phone number to call or an email address to send a message to, and here at Heaven Costumes we answer email messages every business day, and also have a team of specialized staff operating our phone lines, so that you get the best service in the quickest time. Sure, international companies might have phone numbers, but do you really want to face the international phone call charges, being put on hold for 20 minutes, and ending up with a huge phone bill at the end? Didn’t think so. When purchasing fancy dress costumes online, it’s important to have your question answered quickly and accurately, and here at Heaven we understand this.

Another bonus when you buy costumes from Australia online is the currency is always displayed in Australian dollars. This means there are no tricky conversions to perform, as the prices are all clearly displayed.

Possibly one of the best advantages to shopping at Australian websites is the massive difference in postage rates and postage time. When purchasing from international stores, sometimes you may find a product for a cheaper price. But don’t be fooled, postage rates to Australia are insanely high, and the product usually ends up costing a customer more than if they purchased it locally in Australia in the first place. Another factor is the time the product takes to reach the customer. International websites often do not have the products displayed ‘in stock’, meaning while they advertise a particular product, they may need to order it from another country before shipping it to you. . This means they may be waiting up to 6 weeks or more for the product to reach them, and an extra 6-8 weeks to reach you! International packages are also often held by customs, or flights can be delayed, and this can further extend the time it takes for your package to reach you. At Heaven Costumes, we are located in an Adelaide warehouse, and have all of our products in stock, meaning there is no waiting time for us to order the product from overseas. Your order is shipped to you as soon as we receive it, and with Express Post shipping, this means overnight delivery to Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth and more, while regional areas only take 2-3 business days.

Purchasing costumes online can be tricky, and if for some reason the garment doesn’t fit or you’re not happy with it, it’s important to be able to return it for an exchange or refund. Exchanges and returns with international companies are nearly impossible. At Heaven Costumes, we have a fast and efficient exchange and returns service, so exchanging the product for a bigger or smaller size is no problem!

Ordering from international online stores often is discouraging and leaves a sour taste in ones mouth, whereas if you buy costumes from Australia online from stores like Heaven Costumes, you'll get all the convenience and efficiency as you would if you were purchasing from an actual store, with affordable prices and great quality products!

For more information about purchasing from us online, feel free to contact us via (08) 8258 5141.

Happy shopping!

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