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Womens 1950s Costumes

Womens 1950s Costumes

1950s Costumes for Women

It was the era of American Bandstand, 77 Sunset Strip and hot rod honeys. Take a trip back to the nifty fifties with all the best 1950s costumes for women that will transform you into a retro rockabilly.

Are you trying to find where you can buy a 50s skirt? The classic poodle skirt with dog and leash applique, the 1950s fashion that made any teen a cool cat and ready to go cruising to the drive-in theatre. Check out our hip selection of poodle skirts from the 50s then get your skates on and pick your fave 1950s party dress to wear whilst hanging out by the jukebox. [more]

At Heaven Costumes, you’ll find the best 50s dresses Australia so you can do the Doo Wop or join in with the Swing Cats at any 1950s theme party. Kick off your shoes for some sock hop dancing too and cast an eyeball on our 50s dress up range that will show off your classy chassis.

50s costume ideas are wholesome and fun, consisting of diner girl costumes for that delicious delivery of ice-cream and burgers, retro air hostess costumes, 50s nerd costumes and more.

Do you need 50s outfits representing celebrities of the decade? Online and in our Adelaide costume shop, you’ll also find instantly recognisable iconic 50s outfit ideas including The King Elvis Presley female costumes, Audrey Hepburn styles for some Hollywood glam, be a roadie for the musical showman Buddy Holly and of course, you can wear that infamous white dress and be the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe.

Your 1950s costumes are made in the shade, whether you need a Letterman jacket to claim your Jock for the night or a 50s housewife costume to go with your Stepford wife victory rolls, you’ll have a blast doing the jitterbug around the soda fountain no matter what Greaser or Preppy 50s themed outfits you choose.

Prom was popular in the 50s, so your 1950s costumes ideas might include being Prom Queen and Prom King for the evening, as your favourite ballads spill across the room and leave you slow-dancing in the spotlight, whilst the 50s nerds keep their eyes on the punch bowl.

The best known movie set in the 50s, Grease, also brings you peachy 1950s costumes so you can be the Greaser Danny Zuko’s knock-out babe Sandy or look every inch the lady in one of our officially licensed Grease Pink Ladies costumes.

Heaven Costumes has the best 1950s costumes and we can get them to you in a jiffy! Dispatched from Adelaide with next day delivery, your new retro outfit for your 1950s theme party will get to you faster than the Fonz can tell you to ‘sit on it’.

Well ring a-ding-ding, it’s time to rock around the clock and get on cloud 9, so get cranked and don’t be a party pooper, make sure your 50s dress up costume is coolsville before you race for pinks or burn rubber.

Get your favourite 50s themed fancy dress costumes and women's costumes from Heaven Costumes Australia, and don’t forget to complement your 1950s costumes with our retro collection of kitsch fancy dress jewellery and accessories from the 50s too. From vinyl record earrings, to neck scarfs and geek glasses to pin-up girl costume wigs…. Your entire 50s dress up can be put together at your one stop costume shop Australia.