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Crystal and Metal Masquerade Masks

Crystal and Metal Masquerade Masks

Metal and Crystal Masquerade Masks

Our stunning range of metal masquerade masks are designed to capture a lot of attention. From the way the light catches the sparkling crystals to the beautiful finishes of these masquerade masks, you will feel like you are wearing face jewellery. [more]

These gorgeous, intricate metal face masks are often very flexible and ultra light-weight. They allow you to enhance your face instead of hiding it in the usual masquerade mask way. Select from highly polished silver finish, black dipped or white dipped metal.

All these masquerade masks attach with satin ribbons and many are highly decorated with numerous crystals.

If you're not sure about the colour, have changed your outfit or need to go back to the drawing board - you can browse all masquerade masks to find the style that suits you best!