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Burlesque Costumes and Accessories

Burlesque Costumes and Accessories

Sultry Burlesque Costumes and Accessories

Step into a world of allure, fun, and pure glamour with our vast range of sexy women’s burlesque costumes and accessories. Intricately designed for women who are planning to hit the upcoming dress-up party with a bold, head-turning look that oozes confidence and sex appeal. Shop Burlesque Costumes & Accessories Online, we have everything you need under one roof to help you bring out your inner diva. [more]

From the slink of a sequined gown to the trail of a feather boa, every item tells a story, and we’re here to help you write yours. Our top products in the burlesque category include sexy women’s burlesque costumes, enticing burlesque accessories, sexy gloves, fluffy feather boas, women’s wigs and cute mini hats. All meticulously chosen to make it simple for you to assemble an ensemble that’s uniquely tailored to your taste.

Gone are the days of hunting down individual items to put together your perfect burlesque look. We understand the hassle of running from one store to another, that’s why we made our collection as comprehensive as possible. We’re not just about costumes, but a complete experience designed to captivate.

Being Australian-owned and operated, we pride ourselves on providing lightning fast delivery, competitive prices, and unmatched customer service. Shopping with us is not merely an act, but a memorable journey. And for our beloved customers in Adelaide, we’ve gone further. If you’re around Salisbury Plain, we welcome you to visit our virtual walk-in store where you can shop directly from our website and take your order with you on the spot.

Embrace the spotlight, because Heaven Costumes will ensure your inner Burlesque diva has a backstage pass to savour some front stage glam!