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Kids Costume Accessories

Kids Costume Accessories

Dress Up Accessories for Kids!

It's true! Girls and boys just adore dressing up in fancy dress costumes, but they need more! They need swords, and wands, wings, funny hats and even funnier wigs - all to match their favourite dress up characters! [more]

Check out our range of super fun kids costume accessories where you'll find all the bits and pieces your children need to complete their costumes and start their imaginary adventures. You'll find fantastic novelty extras for your kids costumes to suit a wide range of themed boys and girls outfits including accessories for Halloween costumes, occupation themes, fairytales and princesses plus much more.

You can also add some delightful finishing touches to your kids costumes with girls stockings, petticoats and even sparkly little shoes! Really cool fancy dress accessories for boys and girls, grab a bunch right now, your kids will thank you!