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Midnight Wigs Fashion Wig Collection

Midnight Wigs Fashion Wig Collection

Synthetic Wigs - Midnight Fashion Wig Collection

Do you want to change up your look but don't have the time or the patience to go to the salon? You don't have to waste time in a hair salon when you can change your look with a new fashion wig from Heaven Costumes. Our Midnight Wig Collection offers a variety of styles and colours that will suit any occasion. Whether you're looking for a long, straight wig for work, or a curly pink wig for a party, we've got you covered. With our high quality wigs made of heat resistant fibres and featuring soft and transparent lace fronts, you'll be able to rock any style you want without damaging your own hair. And because our fashion wigs are adjustable in size, they'll fit anyone no matter what their head shape or size is! So grab your new everyday wear fashion wig from the Midnight Wig Collection and flaunt your new style! [more]

Make your costume stand out

Make any costume stand out with a synthetic wig from Heaven Costumes. Our Midnight Collection is great to give you that natural celebrity look or set off your costume with bright colours.

If you’re looking for something like cosplay wigs check out our gothic wig or our Halloween wig collections.

Great for more than a costume

Our Midnight Collection features a wide range of natural styles so can change up your look however you want.

Our synthetic wigs are great for more than costumes. Always wanted to have darker hair? Try one of our dark-coloured wigs to live out your brunette fantasies.

Whatever style you want in your day-to-day life, find the right wig for you with our Midnight Collection.

Change your style without the hassle

Wigs are a great way to change your style without needing to waste money at the salon or spending hours styling it yourself.

Trying out a new hair colour, length or style has never been easier with one of our exclusive Midnight Collection fashion wigs. Just put it on and try a completely new style without the commitment of treating your actual hair.

Style it how you want

Always wanted curly locks but can’t be bothered with the curler? A fashion wig is the perfect opportunity to try it out and wear it any way you want.

Our synthetic wigs let you style them however you want, so that you can make each one unique to you.

Perfect for any occasion

Our Midnight Collection features fashion wigs for every occasion.

Whether you want a long straight wig for work or a curly pink wig for a little more fun on your night out, there’s a wig for every occasion.

Adjustable to fit any head

Never worry about your wig’s fit again with Heaven Costumes’ wig collection.

Every one of our wigs features an adjustable strap to make sure that it fits snugly on your head. Simply adjust the strap before putting the wig on and make sure that it fits comfortably before showing off your brand-new look.

Synthetic Wigs

At Heaven Costumes, our wigs are made with nothing but the finest materials.

Synthetic fibres make our wigs flexible and resistant. Letting you style them without fear as you make them truly yours.

Heat resistant

Style your new look with confidence as our synthetic wigs are flexible without the need to worry about heat.

All our wigs are made with the highest quality synthetic fibres and are heat resistant up to 180°C (365°F).

Itch free

If you’ve tried wigs before but didn’t feel comfortable, rest assure that our lace wigs use the softest lace to ensure your experience is itch-free.

Go out with confidence in your new glamorous look knowing that you’ll be comfortable all day without needing to worry about rashes or itching.

Lace Wigs

The Heaven Costumes Midnight Collection features both lace front wigs and lace part wigs. Find out which suits you best as you browse our range of high-quality fashion wigs.

Lace part wigs

Lace part wigs are a great option if you’re not used to using wigs yet. Easier to apply and budget friendly, these are great for beginners.

With several different types of parts, these wigs give a natural hairline while allowing for easy styling.

Lace front wigs

With more lace covering the whole hairline, lace front wigs are far more durable.

These wigs also give more options as lace front wigs give you the freedom to style your hair without limits.

Show off your new look with the confidence of a breathable wig that won’t come off no matter how much you move around.