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Costume Accessory Kits

Costume Accessory Kits

Dress Up Costume Kits for Adults and Kids

Just because you don't want to dress up in a full blown fancy dress costume, doesn't mean you shouldn't dress up at all!! Why not grab one of these cool costume kits and transform your regular clothes into a costume without too much effort?! [more]

Here at Heaven Costumes you will find a great range of awesome costume accessories and costume kits that allow you to quickly spruce up your outfit into a recognisable fancy dress costume. Our selection of costume kits include basic t-shirts such as gangster shirts or even Wolverine t-shirts, schoolboy and school girl costume kits, furry cute monster costume accessories and even detective cop and hippy costume kits.

Nothing is simpler than wacking on a headband, collar and tail - so turn yourself into a sexy bunny, brave tiger or purring pussy cat with one of our great value costume accessory kits!

All of the fancy dress costume kits are suitable for both men and women, often free of too many size restrictions and of course it's all in stock ready for express delivery straight to your door!