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Ginger Ray Party Supplies

Ginger Ray Party Supplies

Ginger Ray Premium Party Supplies

Ginger Ray is a renowned global brand that specialises in premium party supplies.

Based in Surrey, England, Ginger Ray has been creating and designing an extensive range of party wear since its establishment in 2012. Their core values of creativity, innovation, and design guide their in-house development process. [more]

Heaven Costumes is thrilled to offer Ginger Ray products to our valued customers.

Our collection includes a diverse range of party wear, perfect for special occasions, annual celebrations, classic themes, hen nights, eco-friendly gatherings, and weddings. There’s something for everyone within the wide array of Ginger Ray products.

Not to be overlooked, The Little Rays is an incredible sub-brand that focuses on deluxe costume accessories for the little ones in your life. From capes and wands to headbands, hats, and tutus, these accessories are guaranteed to add extra charm to any event.

Experience memorable events and breathe life into your parties with Heaven Costumes’ range of Ginger Ray products.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional party supplies that truly make a difference.