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Sailor Costumes and Accessories

Sailor Costumes and Accessories

Sailor Costume Selection for Adults and Kids

A nautical adventure awaits. Set sail into a sea of imagination with our collection of sailor costumes, perfect for those ready to explore the high seas of fun and adventure at the HMS PARTY TIME!

At Heaven Costumes, we’re your one-stop online shop for all things nautical, offering an array of sailor character outfits for both adults and children. Whether you’re taking the helm as a distinguished sailor captain, working the decks as a sturdy deckhand, or seeking a vantage point atop the mast in one of our enchantingly sexy sailor costumes for women, we have you covered. Our sailor outfits serve as the perfect ensemble for any defence force dress-up event, navy-themed gala, cruise ship crew gathering, or even an Under the Sea fancy dress soirée. [more]

Local to Adelaide? We invite you to experience our unique virtual walk-in store located in Salisbury Plain. Simply shop from the convenience of our website and pick up your order on-site, effortlessly blending online ease with in-person immediacy.

Our commitment to providing a huge range of costumes, lightning-fast delivery, and being proudly Australian owned and operated sets us apart. Coupled with great prices and outstanding customer service, shopping with us is an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is efficient.

Set your coordinates to Heaven Costumes for an unbeatable collection of sailor and nautical-themed outfits. Your next dress-up event is an opportunity to embody the spirit of the sea with our carefully crafted costume collections.