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Fishnet Hosiery for Women and Girls

Fishnet Hosiery for Women and Girls

Fishnet Stockings and Hosiery For Women and Girls

Introducing Heaven Costumes’ exclusive selection of women’s fishnet stockings and hosiery.

Explore our unbeatable range of high-quality fishnet hosiery that combines variety, quality, and style, all in one place! [more]

Thigh-High Fishnet Stockings: These stockings are perfect for creating a sexy, sultry look while staying securely in place. Add a touch of glam to your costume or outfit that is guaranteed to impress.

Full Length Netted Pantyhose: Suitable for all body types, our classic pantyhose feature lots of finishes, including diamond net, fence net, oval net, industrial net and classic fishnet patterns. Pair them with skirts, dresses, or even your favourite pair of shorts to elevate your outfit. They are great with costumes too!

Fishnets with Back Seams: Exude vintage-inspired charm with our back seam stockings. The seductive back seams draw attention to your legs like no other, making them ideal for any vintage 1920s or 1950s look.

Standard and Plus Size Fishnet Stockings: We’re proud to celebrate body diversity with our wide range of sizes. No matter your shape or size, we have fishnets to suit everyone’s needs and make you feel confident and fabulous at your next event.

Shop the ultimate fishnet hosiery collection at Heaven Costumes - with a variety of colours and styles to choose from. You will find just what you're looking for amongst our range.