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Halloween Costume Ideas

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What to Be for Halloween: Costumes, Accessories, Decor & More!

Welcome to our spine-chilling collection of Halloween treasures! Whether you’re a ghost who loves to host or a witch with the Halloween itch, you will find the best Halloween costumes Australia has to offer right here at Heaven Costumes. With the largest range of Halloween decorations, party supplies, makeup and accessories, we’re officially your one stop Halloween shop, and we’re here to bring your Halloween party ideas to life. [more]

Spooktacular Halloween Costume Ideas for All Ages

Halloween is the time of year when imagination reigns supreme, and finding the perfect costume can be fun for the whole family. Whether you’re searching for Halloween costume ideas that bring to life your favourite pop culture icons or you want classic Halloween costumes, our Halloween outfit range includes everything you’ll need to create a unique Halloween costume for the spookiest night of the year! From family Halloween costumes to duo Halloween costumes, we have it all!

Chilling Charm: Male Halloween Outfits with a Twist

This Halloween season, step beyond the mundane and explore the ‘Chilling Charm’ of Halloween costume ideas for men. For those who fancy humour with their horrors, our collection of funny Halloween costumes for men is sure to invoke laughter amidst the screams. Picture this, a classic Halloween Michael Myers costume with a quirky spin—adding a dash of comedic flair to the notorious character. Or perhaps a Beetlejuice costume, the ghost with the most, ready to rouse a mix of chuckles and chills at any spooky Halloween party. The daring might even slip out of the shadows with a Grim Reaper costume and matching scythe.

Bewitching Beauties: Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween is the perfect occasion to cast aside the ordinary and step into a world of enchantment and allure. For women seeking easy Halloween costumes, the options are thrillingly diverse and can range from spellbindingly sexy Halloween costumes to more classic and gothic outfit choices. The quintessential Witch Costume can be upgraded with shimmering accessories, bewitching hats, and striking make-up. Or perhaps, for a dose of nostalgia, slip into a Wednesday Addams costume; with classic dark charm and iconic style, Wednesday is effortlessly trendy. With endless adult Halloween costumes at the tip of your wand, finding the perfect women’s Halloween costume can be wickedly fun.

Trick or Treat in Style: Top Kids Costumes for Halloween

Whether you’re dressing up a little princess or gearing up a future superhero, finding the perfect kids Halloween costumes is key to making the spookiest night of the year unforgettable. For the tiniest little monsters, our baby Halloween costumes include cuddly critters, like the mischievous Gizmo from Gremlins. If you're on the lookout for toddler Halloween costumes, you’ll get miniature versions of classic scary characters like Chucky. And for parents seeking extra ‘aww’ factor, a plethora of cute Halloween costumes are available that are bound to draw smiles from every doorstep. No matter your child’s age or interests, there’s a Halloween costume that’s the perfect combination of delightful and frightful, ensuring they can trick or treat all night long.

From Princesses to Potions: Epic Girls’ Halloween Costumes Await!

From spooky witches donning pointed hats to enchanting fairies with glittering wings, our array of girls Halloween costumes will indulge every imaginative whim. Whether opting for classic favourites or inspired by the latest animated heroines, there’s a treasure trove of Halloween outfits that not only stand out but also spark creativity. The emphasis is on striking that perfect balance between bewitchingly playful and effortlessly adorable, ensuring that every girl can celebrate in a costume that’s as unique and dazzling as her own spirit.

Hero or Villain? Killer Boys’ Costumes for Halloween

When the moon casts its eerie glow on Halloween night, the timeless question arises: will you choose to be a hero or a villain? Your little night wanderer can don a slick vampire costume, complete with a crimson-lined cape and gleaming fangs. Or perhaps for the wild at heart, a werewolf costume, ready to transform young gents into howling legends of lycanthropic lore. But the allure of darkness is not limited to creatures with fangs; scary clown costumes are all the rage for the kids aspiring to spook with a cackle and a maniacal grin. Our array of boys Halloween costumes is brimming with classic Halloween characters, each promising an evening filled with spectacular scares and heroic escapades.

Find the Perfect Fit: Spooky Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Hunting down the perfect fit for spooky festivities shouldn’t be a scare, which is why our collection of plus size Halloween outfits offers a variety of imaginative and stylish choices. Whether you’re searching for a women’s plus size Halloween costume that embraces the allure of gothic glam or a men’s plus size Halloween costume that channels your inner super-villain, we ensure inclusivity and fun are stitched into every outfit. For duos wanting to make a supernatural impression, our couples Halloween costumes cater to all sizes, ensuring no one misses out on the spirited celebrations. From classic witches and warlocks to contemporary Halloween characters, our plus size Halloween costumes are designed to welcome everyone into the enchanting world of Halloween. Don’t settle for anything less than magically fitted this season with our Halloween outfits for adults.

Ghoulish Halloween Accessories to Complete Your Costume

When October’s eerie winds begin to howl, it’s time to prepare for a night of frights and delights with the eerie Halloween accessories that promise to complete any costume.

Wicked Wigs for Your Halloween Adventure

When it comes to perfecting your Halloween outfit, the devil is in the details, and nothing completes a spooky ensemble quite like the right wig. Whether you’re channeling the ethereal aura of a Corpse Bride blue wig, with its hauntingly beautiful tresses, or embodying the dark charm of a Wednesday Addams wig, with jet-black braids stark against a pale complexion, a well-chosen costume wig can transform you into the character of your dreams. For those looking to cast a spell on the party, a witch wig with wild, tangled locks can add just the right touch of the arcane to your bewitching look. Halloween costume wigs are truly the crowning glory of any ghastly get-up.

Immortalize Your Halloween Look with Capes & Cloaks!

At the heart of many last minute Halloween costumes lies a simple yet profound accessory: the cape or cloak. The vampire cape, with its high collar and deep red lining, is the ultimate emblem of nocturnal nobility, allowing anyone to adopt the air of a centuries-old creature of the night. Equally essential is the witch’s cloak, often crafted in shades of midnight and adorned with symbols of the occult. It whispers of spells cast beneath a harvest moon. And then there’s the versatility of the black cape, a garment that can transform its wearer into anything from a brooding superhero to a somber phantom. Whether fluttering in the autumn breeze or wrapped close against the chill of a ghostly encounter, Halloween capes and cloaks add that final touch of authenticity to every Halloween look.

Halloween Horror Arsenal - Find the Perfect Weapon!

A spine-chilling array of costume weapons designed to add a touch of terror to any costume. A gleaming fake machete, smeared with fake blood, can transform a simple outfit into an homage to horror classics. Conversely, a fake gun and holster slung casually around a detective or mobster costume elevates it from quaint to quintessentially eerie. And for those seeking to maximise the macabre, a bloodied fake knife not only sends shivers down the spine but also stands as a testament to the art of Halloween fear.

Unleash Terror with Spine-Chilling Halloween Masks

Halloween masks have become a quintessential component of the spooky season, with revellers donning everything from the iconic Michael Myers mask to the unsettling light-up purge mask to create the perfect fright night ensemble. The chilling Scream Ghostface mask, a perennial favourite, sends shivers down the spine as it conjures images of slasher film lore. Whilst those looking for a mix of historical horror gravitate towards the plague doctor mask, with its long beaked visage that harks back to a time of mystery and dread. Each scary mask holds its allure, transforming the wearer into a canvas of nightmares and providing the ultimate disguise for a night of eerie escapades.

Spooky, Stylish, and Spectacular Halloween Wings!

On the night when ghouls and spirits roam the earth, donning a pair of black angel wings can transform you into a creature of the mystical realm. Whether you choose to embody a dark angel descending upon the festivities or a shadowy bat flitting through the Halloween sky, our costume wings are your ticket to an unforgettable night. Envision yourself as a dark fairy, dancing in the moonlight, with fairy wings that whisper tales of enchantment with every flutter.

Hauntingly Beautiful Jewellery to Complete Your Halloween Look

When the veil between worlds thins and the air chills, it’s time to drape oneself in the enchantment of Halloween jewellery. Dangling from the lobes of the night’s mysterious revellers, Halloween earrings capture the essence of the season in sparkling form. Witch necklaces adorned with dark gems and talismans glint in the moonlight, casting a spell over those who dare to glance. For those who gravitate towards the macabre, a skeleton necklace is the perfect complement to a spine-chilling costume, an emblem of the dance between the living and the spectral realms. Each piece of spooky jewellery is a whisper of folklore, a nod to the otherworldly, and a celebration of the magic that permeates the most haunted of evenings.

Unearthly Interiors: Must-Have Halloween Props and Decorations for Spooky Season

Halloween is the time of year when our homes and spaces transform into eerie landscapes and haunted houses. Choosing the right Halloween decorations can turn any environment into a spooky spectacle. For those who prefer a lighter touch of terror, kid-friendly Halloween decorations tease the imagination without terrifying the little ones. Silly pumpkin-faced balloons and colourful paper ghosts can add cheer to your haunted setting. Halloween cobwebs and spider decorations draped across corners create an instant spooky ambience, while animated Halloween props bring a thrilling sense of life to the undead. Shrieking witches, moving mummies, and a choir of harmonising pumpkins can leave guests both delighted and spooked.

Thinking of dotting your porch with some seasonal charm? Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin decorations are a classic choice, and they don’t just have to be carved; painted pumpkins can make for vibrant and lasting outdoor adornments. To set an eerie scene, scatter some skulls and Halloween skeleton decorations in the garden, peeping out from behind plants, or have a skeleton casually ‘sitting’ on your swing set. By the door, Halloween signs and banners can welcome your visitors with cheeky sayings and warnings about the witches or ghouls that lurk inside. Window and wall Halloween decorations can transform your front façade into something truly nightmarish.

When darkness descends, light-up decorations can guide trick-or-treaters to your cauldrons of candy with glowing pumpkins, flickering candles, and phosphorescent creatures. Transform your backyard into a ghostly encounter with Halloween graveyard decorations, where tombstones and ghastly figures emerge from the mist. Don’t forget the smaller details like creepy crawlies - rubber rats, spiders, and brain-slurping zombie earth breakers that help to contribute to a total immersion in the Halloween spirit. Among the array of ghostly adornments, fake body parts emerge as a ghoulishly popular choice, turning ordinary dwellings into macabre scenes straight out of a horror flick. Severed hands strewn carelessly across lawns, decapitated heads hanging from porch awnings – these unsettling props set the perfect tone for a night of frightful fun. And finally, hanging Halloween decorations such as bats, ghouls, and flying witches can make for a frightful festivity. No matter your theme or level of fright, Halloween decorations set the stage for a night of mystical, magical fun.

From Glam to Gore: Halloween Makeup for Every Level of Scary

When it comes to conjuring the perfect spooktacular look, Halloween makeup is your ticket to transformation. Whether you’re channelling a wicked witch, a decaying zombie, or an ageless vampire, the right costume makeup will turn heads at any fright night festivity. For beginners seeking easy makeup for Halloween, there’s no need to fret. Simple witch makeup can be achieved with a combination of green face paint and dramatic eye makeup, while a dab of fake blood and carefully placed liquid latex can give zombie makeup that eerily realistic touch. Vampire makeup is all about pale skin, dark shadows, and, of course, those iconic vampire teeth that add a bite to your costume. For those who wish to pay tribute during Halloween, day of the dead makeup offers a colourful yet ghostly canvas embellished with floral designs and skeletal lines. And for the truly daring, special FX and prosthetic makeup can elevate your guise to professional haunts, create wounds, decay, and more with our incredible makeup collection. No matter what ghoulish guise you choose, remember that Halloween is a time for creativity to run wild, so grab your tools and let your imagination lead the way to ghastly glamour.

Fright Night Fashion: The Ultimate Halloween Costume Themes

When October’s chill sets in, creativity ignites, paving the way for an array of imaginative Halloween costume themes. One can encounter the twisted grin of a scary clown, complete with haunting makeup and a frizzy clown wig that provokes both awe and terror. Witches roam with pointed hats and billowing capes, brooms in hand, ready to cast enchanting spells on the unsuspecting. The Grim Reaper lurks in the shadows, with his cold, bone-chilling presence signalled by a dark, tattered robe and an eerily realistic scythe.

The vibrant and intricately painted faces of the Day of the Dead bring a colourful celebration to life, adorned with flowers and gothic accessories that marry beauty with the macabre. Skeletons clatter about in costumes that make ribs and bones eerily fashionable, while vampires, with their crimson-lined capes and fangs, promise eternal elegance and nocturnal adventures.

No Halloween is complete without the shuffling gait of zombies, whose tattered clothing and masterful makeup tell the tale of recent resurrection. Fiery devil costumes, complete with pitchforks and devil horns, tempt the dark angels among us, and jaunty pumpkin costumes pepper the night with flickering, carved smiles. Those who dare can tap into the arcane mysteries of voodoo with adorned top hats and symbolic tokens cast a spellbinding silhouette.

Monster visions are realised with furs, fangs, and fantastic masks, creating creatures that step right out of nightmare and legend. And not to be overlooked, spider costumes spin a web of intrigue with their eight-legged designs that evoke both revulsion and fascination. Each theme captures the spirit of Halloween, inviting participants to explore the depths of their imaginations and celebrate the one night where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Halloween Hall of Fame: Dress as Your Favourite Halloween Character

As the moon climbs high and the wind howls, it’s time to don the hauntingly delightful garb of iconic Halloween characters. Picture stepping into the macabre elegance of Addams Family costumes, with the gothic charm of a Morticia Addams costume, ready to spook with sophistication. Visualise the wild hair and striped suit of Beetlejuice, an outfit that screams mischievous antics from the netherworld. For those seeking a more blood-curdling ensemble, the slashed sweaters and signature bladed gloves from A Nightmare on Elm Street capture the essence of true Freddy Krueger terror. Not to be outdone, Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees costumes evoke the chilling silence of Crystal Lake, with his iconic hockey mask and fake machete gleaming under the moonlight.

In stark contrast to such menacing figures, Nightmare Before Christmas costumes offer a whimsical yet spooky twist, welcoming all to celebrate the Pumpkin King’s haunted holiday. Then, lurk in the shadows with Pennywise costumes—where the sinister grin and vibrant ruffles are enough to freeze any trick-or-treater in fear. Additionally, the simplicity of the Scream Ghostface costume, its stark white mask a visage of horror, effortlessly instils panic with just a glance. If classical horror is more to your taste, embodying the lumbering might of Frankenstein with tattered garbs and monster makeup could be the key to a truly frightful night.

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