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Image with text that says cheap fake costumes- heres the facts
07 February 2024 | Posted in:  Shopping Guides |

Cheap Fake Costumes - The Facts!

Genuine or Fake Costumes? What are you really getting?

This could happen to you!!!

So you find a cute little monster costume online and find it at a great price on a website or on eBay? You realise that the site doesn’t tell you what brand the costume is, but it has the same photo as another website where the costume is much more expensive! If this has happened to you, you might not realise WHY it was so much more expensive on one site and cheap on the other, but here at Heaven Costumes we know exactly why….. come closer and we’ll let you in on a little secret!!

Fake costumes are running rampant!

The cheaper website is selling a fake /rip off and there is no telling what you will get if you order it! It sounds a bit bizarre we know, but it’s true! We bought one of those fake costumes so that we could see for ourselves what the difference is and low and behold we sure as heck did not get the costume in the photo! Here is the photo that was on both websites:

Image of a woman wearing a monster costume

This image was taken by Leg Avenue in USA of the actual product they designed and produced for sale under the Leg Avenue brand. The image was then stolen by the other website who is trying to sell you a cheap imitation version!

The next photo is what we expected to get. We took this photo of the front of the genuine Leg Avenue costume that we sell on our Heaven Costumes website. We put the costume on our mannequin. It looks nice, we can definitely see that it is what it is supposed to be! Now… look a bit closer at the fake version next to it which we also put on our mannequin – see the difference!

Image of a mannequin wearing a genuine and fake monster costume


Let’s flip them both around and have a closer look at the back shall we! Again you will notice a big difference between the genuine Leg Avenue costume and the fake costume! Well, we were rather disappointed (but not in the slightest bit surprised!!!) by the item we received from the cheap website.

Image of the back of a genuine and fake monster costume on a mannequin

Below you will see the image of how genuine Leg Avenue costumes are packaged in comparison to how cheap fake costumes are packaged. We think this image pretty much speaks for itself right!

Image of a genuine and fake monster costume in the packaging

Another tell-tale sign is that the authentic product has a Leg Avenue woven care label sewn inside the costume and the quality of the materials used for the costume is great and it is finished really well. We can’t say the same for the fake costumes! In fact, if you look at these close up images you will notice that even the colours of the fabrics are completely different even though they are advertised as the same thing! Dodgy!

Image of the tags on a genuine and fake monster costume

Besides the obvious, there are also differences in the cheap fake costumes which you can’t necessarily see in a photo….

  • The fit of the fake is awful and very very small.

  • It only comes in 1 size! – it is true that fake imitation costumes sometimes come in several sizes these days – but…. all of them are still small!

  • The material is very thin and see through.

  • There is not much net and only 2 layers – in total about 1/3 of the net of the genuine costume.

  • There is no zipper on the cheap imitation.

  • There are no shoulder straps on the fake – the genuine Leg Avenue comes with adjustable shoulder straps.

  • Though they have included a hood with the fake – it is such bad quality that it might be better not to include it!

All in all, you get what you pay for! If you pay less, you will most likely get ‘not much’. But if good quality and being tricked do not matter to you, then it could still be a good costume for you….just don’t try to wash it!

About our budget costumes:

You might have noticed our ‘Budget Costumes’ section. We too sell those imitation fake costumes but we don’t try to pass them off as the originals. Sometimes the fake costumes look very similar to the original, and sometimes they look nothing like them. It is very rare that we find that the quality is a match to the original (that is something we can’t show you in a photo) but at least you are going to get the costume in the photo because we took the photo of the costume we are going to ship, in our studio on our gorgeous models!