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Super Mario Costumes and Accessories

Super Mario Costumes and Accessories

Super Mario Costumes for Adults and Kids

Step into a world brimming with coins, power-ups, and classic Nintendo charm with our extensive selection of Super Mario costumes for both adults and kids. Heaven Costumes is your ultimate destination to find that perfect Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach costume to bring your favourite video game characters to life. Whether you’re navigating through party games or gathering stars at a cosplay event, our licensed character costumes are designed to make you feel part of the Super Mario universe. [more]

A Treasure Trove of Mario Character Costumes

From Mario and Luigi’s plumber outfits to the regal elegance of our Princess Peach and Rosalina costumes, we promise an immersive experience into the heart of the Super Mario universe. Our selection doesn’t stop there; embody the uniqueness of each character with our Toad Mario outfit, Bowser, Yoshi and Mario Kart costumes, ensuring that every fan finds their perfect match. Designed for enthusiasts of every age, our licensed costumes, are meticulously crafted to bring your beloved video game favourites to life.

Enticing Every Mario Enthusiast

Whether you’re leaping into action at an 80s themed party, planning the ultimate gamers’ event, or simply aiming to upgrade your cosplay ensemble, Heaven Costumes is your first port of call for unparalleled Mario-inspired outfits. Our costumes promise to level up your style game, inviting you to embody the spirit of Nintendo’s most cherished heroes and villains.

Why Shop with Heaven Costumes?

For our Adelaide customers, shopping for TV and movie costumes just got easier! Visit our virtual walk-in store located in Salisbury Plain, where you can browse and purchase directly from our website. Instantly grab your Super Mario costume and more, ready to take on your next adventure – no warp pipe needed.

Heaven Costumes sets the bar high with lightning-fast delivery across Australia, coupled with competitive prices and exemplary customer service. We take pride in being an Australian owned and operated business, committed to bringing you great quality Mario and Luigi costumes.

Get Your Super Mario Costume Today

Don’t miss the chance to become the hero of your own story. Explore our selection, choose your character, and prepare for an unforgettable entrance at your next party or event.

With Heaven Costumes, unlocking the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom has never been easier or more delightful. Join the party, defeat Bowser, and save Princess Peach – all in a day’s work for Super Mario and Luigi!