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Gods, Myths and Legends Costumes and Accessories

Gods, Myths and Legends Costumes and Accessories

Gods, Myths and Legendary Character Costumes for Adults and Kids

Explore a realm of fantasy and folklore with Heaven Costumes, Australia’s premier destination for all things mythical, legendary, and downright fantastical. Our extensive collection of make-believe costumes and accessories is unmatched, ensuring your next mystical dress-up party is not just an event but a foray into worlds unknown.

Nestled in Salisbury Plain, Adelaide, Heaven Costumes opens its virtual doors to a treasure trove of imaginative attire. Whether you’re shopping online or in-person at our virtual walk-in store, you’re guaranteed an enchanting shopping experience. With lightning-fast delivery, outstanding customer service, and exceptional prices, we pride ourselves on being a wholly Australian owned and operated business dedicated to bringing your fantasy to life. [more]

Dive Into the Depths of Fantasy Costumes

Unleash the enchantress within with our exquisite mermaid costumes, available in a kaleidoscope of colours and styles for adults and children alike. Wear a bewitching Medusa costume an captivate everyone you see, or soar into the mystical with our diverse range of unicorn costumes. Each piece is designed to spark the imagination and transport wearers to lands of magic and wonder.

For those who tread the fine line between the seen and unseen, our fairy costumes are a perfect choice. Available for women and girls, our vibrant and whimsical fairy outfits pair wonderfully with our pixie costumes, inviting wearers and their woodland creature friends to celebrate in magical harmony.

Legendary Attire for Timeless Tales

Step back in time with Robin Hood costumes that evoke legends and myths straight from the middle ages. Our Sherwood Forest adventurers’ attire and do-good tales are a hit for those inspired by history and heroics, and we can't forget our Maid Marian costumes. For those drawn to the tales of chivalry and bravery, our King Arthur costumes beckon, perfect for anyone ready to rule their round table or conquer their next fancy dress event.

Our collection also includes the most mythical creatures of all, with dragon costumes that come in many styles and sizes. And for those who wish to embody the strength and mystery of ancient deities, our God and Goddess costumes feature all the legendary names you know and love – from Achilles and Hercules to King Neptune, Athena and more.

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

At Heaven Costumes, we believe in making every fantasy a reality. Featuring a wide array of mythical themed outfits, including monster costumes that range from scary to cute, merlin wizard costumes for those ready to cast a spell, and elusive creatures like Big Foot costumes and Abominable Snowman costumes, we’re your one-stop shop for all things mythical.

Our unique and magical themed costume ideas ensure your next dress-up event is nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s a Gods, Myths, and Legends theme party or your next Book Week costume parade, our costumes promise a magical escapade into the world of make-believe.

Visit us at Heaven Costumes in Salisbury Plain, Adelaide, or shop online to discover the most extensive collection of mythical, legendary, and fantasy costumes in Australia.

Transform your next event into an unforgettable adventure with Heaven Costumes – where your dreams dress up.