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Cleopatra Costumes and Accessories

Cleopatra Costumes and Accessories

Queen Cleopatra Costumes for Women and Girls

Step into the world of Ancient Egypt, a realm where the iconic Queen Cleopatra reigned with unmatched elegance and power. Known as the last active Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra’s legacy surpasses even that of Julius Caesar, making her an enduring symbol of ancient majesty and intrigue. At Heaven Costumes, we honour this legendary dynasty ruler with a captivating collection of Cleopatra costumes, allowing you to embody the essence of an ancient queen, if only for a day. [more]

Our Cleopatra outfit range includes glamorous and alluring costumes that are perfect for anyone looking to stand out at any event with an international or ancient history theme, or a famous people themed party. Adorn yourself in opulent jewels and embellishments that harken back to the splendour of ancient times. Crafted in golden hues and shimmering fabrics, our Cleopatra dress selections ensure you’ll make a grand entrance at any gathering.

Discover Your Perfect Cleopatra Costume

Find your ideal Cleopatra costume within our extensive selection, designed to cater to every taste and occasion. Whether you’re searching for a Cleopatra dress that exudes royalty or a Cleopatra wig to complete your transformation, Heaven Costumes is your ultimate destination. Our Cleopatra wardrobe extends beyond just dresses; explore our full range of ancient times costumes to fully immerse yourself in the character.

For those in Adelaide seeking a unique shopping experience, our virtual walk-in store in Salisbury Plain offers immediate gratification. Shop directly from our website and collect your order on the spot - no waiting necessary.

Witness the epitome of ancient elegance and take on the role of the most famed ruler of Egypt. With our selection of Cleopatra costumes, your venture into the world of famous people costumes is assured to be both memorable and majestic. Shop with Heaven Costumes today and bring the allure and mystery of Cleopatra into your next themed event.