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Prisoner Costumes and Accessories

Prisoner Costumes and Accessories

Convict and Prisoner Costumes for All Ages

Looking for the ultimate outfit for your next cops and robbers-themed event? Or perhaps you’re keen to embody a classic convict look for a costume party? Heaven Costumes is your go-to destination for an extensive range of prisoner and convict costumes for both adults and children.

Immerse yourself in our vast selection of captivating convict character costumes. From the iconic orange jumpsuit to a wide array of prisoner outfits, we guarantee to spice up any costume party. Our collection caters to all sizes, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun! [more]

Why Should Heaven Costumes Be Your First Choice?

Extensive Selection: Our inventory boasts the largest variety of convict costumes, prisoner attire, and prison jumpsuit options.

Swift Delivery: Receive your selected costume quicker than making a ‘great escape’.

Proudly Australian: By choosing us, you’re supporting an Australian owned and operated business.

Affordable Quality: We offer premium costumes without the premium price tag.

Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedicated team is here to assist you in choosing the ideal costume or resolve any concerns.

Exclusive Offer for Adelaide’s Costume Lovers

Are you in Adelaide? We’ve got a treat for you! Make the most of our virtual walk-in store in Salisbury Plain. It’s an innovative way to experience our website, allowing you to leave with your selected costume efficiently and ready to celebrate.

Don’t hesitate to commence your hunt for the perfect convict or prisoner costume. With just a few clicks, you can explore our collection, pinpoint your size, and prepare for a memorable entrance.

Join the multitude of partygoers, children, and costume aficionados who’ve found their perfect match with Heaven Costumes. Remember, we’re not only about providing costumes; we’re here to enrich your experiences, forge lasting memories, and champion your right to express yourself uniquely.

Secure your costume now - an exciting adventure awaits just outside the prison gates.