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About Heaven Costumes

Want to know a bit more about Heaven Costumes? Read below to find out who we are, how we started and what makes us unique!

Who are we?

Heaven Costumes is Australia's largest online costume retailer, here to serve customers within Australia and all over the world fancy dress costumes, wigs, masquerade masks and more! Our one and only mission? Providing you with FUN!

Established in 2007, we started as a small business hand-making dancewear and tutus at home. Heaven Costumes has vastly grown over the years and now offers customers within Australia and all over the world a range of over 21,000 products. Our range includes costume brands sourced from all over the world including the US and UK and of course our very own Heaven Costumes range, exclusive to only us!

How did we start?

Heaven Costumes was started by sisters Jeannette Zinner and Anne Baker in 2007. The reason? Jeannette was working at a bank and when she became pregnant she decided she would did want to return to the bank after her baby was born, so the solution was to start a business!

At the time, Jeannette’s daughter was doing dance, so Jeannette and Anne used their clothing manufacturing background to design and create children’s dancewear including full ballet tutu costumes. This was a lot of fun but not financially possible in the long term. A tutu costume could take up to 12 hours to make, but due to selling on eBay and it being too competitive of a market, customers did not want to pay more than $50 even though they were worth a lot more! In the end, it meant that the sisters were working for a only a couple of dollars an hour after the cost of materials were taken into account.

They quickly noticed that adult fancy costumes were becoming more popular than children’s ones, and after some design work and research, this led to getting these costumes produced under their very own brand. Now there was a ‘viable’ business and it was still something both sisters loved.

Over the years costume wigs, masquerade masks and many other product types were added as fancy dress gained more popularity within Australia. They sourced and added the best brands available from around the world and the range of costumes and accessories was expanded every year until the massive range on offer today. The growth in the range is still ongoing, there seems to be no end to this!

In 2010, the first Heaven Costumes online website was opened along with the first warehouse in Adelaide, South Australia housing the stock. The Heaven Costumes website has been redesigned many times since those early days to make it more customer friendly, and the warehouse has been moved and expanded, as well as adding extra warehouses, a total of 6 times over the years.

In 2017, Jeannette sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer for 20 months. This hit the business and her family including her business partner/sister very hard, but the decision was made to grow and make the business the best it could be in her memory and for her family. Her children are still involved with the business to this day.

What makes us unique?

We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of customer service we provide to our customers. The most important part of Heaven Costumes success is, of course, our amazing customers who keep us in business with all their fancy dress needs. Without you, we would not be where we are today!

We also provide a completely unique shopping experience for our local Adelaide customers with our one-of-a-kind 'virtual store'. Our virtual store makes it possible for us to offer our entire online range to all of our local customers wanting to shop in person.

What we do for you!

Heaven Costumes works around the clock to ensure we can provide the largest range of costumes and accessories in Australia! Find out the different cogs in the Heaven Costumes wheel below!

Our Buying Team: works hard sourcing all the new and current costumes available on the market as well as choosing our exclusive Heaven Costumes styles.

Our Graphics Team: sources high quality product images for you to best view our products. Any products without high quality images, we will photograph in house, including our exclusive Heaven Costumes range!

Our Marketing Team: works on advertising, so our customers can easily find the products/themes they are looking for.

Our SEO Team: uploads all new products onto our website ensuring they have exact product information and up to date size charts. This is done by taking each product out of the packaging to look over it and measure it.

Our Customer Service Team: providing you with exceptional customer service! Answering all of your before and after sales questions and helping you find the perfect costumes and accessories for your event.

Our Warehouse Team: making sure your costumes and accessories are shipped with care and fulfilling our same day shipping guarantee if ordered before 4pm Adelaide time.


In memory of Jeannette Zinner ❤️

Image of Jeannette Zinner
Image of Jeannette Zinner