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Liquid Latex

Special FX Liquid Latex

Enhance your Halloween look with our versatile collection of liquid latex at Heaven Costumes!

Our liquid latex allows you to create stunning special effects makeup, perfect for transforming into a creepy zombie or a wise old age character.

Achieve realistic fake wounds such as cuts, abrasions, burns, and skin tares effortlessly.

Want to take it a step further? Get creative and make your own prosthetics - the possibilities are endless! [more]

Our latex brands, including Mehron Makeup, Global Colours, Swedia’s, and Smiffy’s, ensure top-notch quality for your makeup needs.

With the ability to paint over liquid latex using different mediums like water activated, cream based, grease based, and foundation products, you have the freedom to explore various looks.

Don’t forget the finishing touch! Add blood for a truly authentic wound effect.

Enjoy the excitement of Halloween and get ready to unleash your creativity with our liquid latex collection. Shop now at Heaven Costumes!