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90s Costumes and Accessories

90s Costumes and Accessories

90s Costumes and Dress Up Ideas for Adults and Kids

Looking for some sweet 90s costumes and don’t know where to start? Heaven Costumes Australia’s got the goods when it comes to 90s dress-up ideas. We know you’ll love them as much as we do, so cue the nostalgia and we’ll get right on into the 90s outfit ideas!

The 1990s were a huge mix of hip-hop, grunge, pop stars, and movie stars. So if you’re looking for a 90s theme costume that goes beyond butterfly clips and Tamagotchis, then we have all you need for your upcoming 90s costume party![more]

90s Outfits for the Music Lover

If music was your scene in the 90s, then why not start with a pop star or famous rapper for your 90’s costume? You could sing along to U Can’t Touch This as the one and only MC Hammer. Or maybe bop out to Wannabe in a 90s group costume idea as the Spice Girls! Just don’t forget a classic wig!

Get creative with the many choices of 90s theme party outfits. Plus, why should grown-ups have all the fun?! Get your kids involved too! Dressing them up as mini Mel B or little Joey Tribbiani will no doubt put a big smile on their faces. So let’s see what inspiring 90s outfit creations you can come up with!

90’s Outfits for Movies and TV Lovers

90s costume ideas don’t just stop there, though. We all remember the iconic movies that came out in the era. So why not celebrate 90s themed dress-up ideas by choosing from our range of super cool 90s costumes with a movie-based theme?

You could join the world of Baywatch with Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff and practice your slow-motion beach run in a Baywatch costume. That would be perfect for those looking for 90s couple costumes!

Or what about joining the international man of mystery Austin Powers and his villain counterpart Dr. Evil? What about Lloyd and Harry in Dumb and Dumber with their iconic tuxedo 90s outfits?

A great 90s dress-up idea can even be to view the world from a baby’s point of view in an iconic Rugrats costume. Or head on down to the town of South Park as Stan, Kyle, Eric, or Kenny! A hilarious 90s costume idea is also B1, and B2 from the classic Bananas in Pyjamas show that graced all televisions in the 90s.

90’s Outfits for Fashion Lovers

If movies or music is not what you’re looking for, then lucky we also have some sweet 90s threads to get you through! Ahh the 90s, what fun times! Whether it’s a party or a special 90s celebration, break out your cassette-tapes and boom boxes and get ready to rock the night away in some amazing 90s costumes! From old-school trends such as acid wash jeans and jellies to TV favourites such as The Flintstones and Gumby.

If you need some great 90s outfit inspiration for that next costume party, check out some of the biggest fashion icons of the decade, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Or keep it cool with more casual looks like daisy dukes and trucker hats. After all, there’s no better way to party like it’s 1999 than by donning your best 90s-theme party outfits for women!

The most notable of all fashions from the 90s was definitely grunge. So why not put in those fake piercings, apply your fake tattoos and grab your fave band shirt and head off to your next 90s costume party in all your grungy glory?

We also have a range of 90s costumes for men with prints on iconic trends from the era, such as baggy overalls with 1 leg up and 1 down… you know the one! And bomber jackets or button-down shirts, all the trends that really made the 90s outfits the best of what was happening at the time.

We hope that you’re inspired and ready to zig-a-zig-ah at your next 90s dress-up party. Of course, in an iconic 90s theme outfit from our amazing collection of costumes!

Our friendly customer service team is always here to help and you can contact them over the phone or website live chat, should you have questions about finding a 90s costume. We also have a great range of delivery options, including Express Post, to ensure you get your 90s outfit in a hurry. To take the stress out of grabbing your 90s costume last minute, we also offer Afterpay and ZipPay.