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Womens Fairy and Pixie Costumes

Pixie and Fairy Costumes for Women

Flutter over to your next costume party in a haze of fairy dust wearing a womens fairy costume or womens pixie costume. Our women's fairy and pixie costumes include bad fairies and good fairies, even sparkling light up fairy costumes too!

Browse beautiful, magical pixie fairy costumes that will take you right back to your childhood. Many fairy tales have pixies and fairies, so why not relive your favourite children's story at your next fancy dress costume party! [more]

You could wear a women's Tinkerbell costume from the hit movie Peter Pan, you could wear a Sleeping Beauty fairy costume, or dress up in a ‘The Fairies’ costume from the Australian television show. There's even a cute Cupid costume, if you want to be the fairy of love.

With so many sexy fairy costumes for women to choose from, you'll definitely want to wave your magic wand to get your hands on them all!