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Marilyn Monroe Costumes and Accessories

Hollywood Starlet Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Transform your next fancy dress occasion into an unforgettable Hollywood event with our exquisite collection of Marilyn Monroe costumes. Marilyn Monroe, a true embodiment of glamour and charm in the 1950s, continues to capture hearts with her iconic style and unforgettable performances. At Heaven Costumes, we pay homage to this legendary figure with an array of famous people costumes, allowing you to step into the shoes of Norma Jeane herself. [more]

Discover a wide selection of Marilyn Monroe outfits, from her timeless white dress that billowed around her in ‘The Seven Year Itch’ to dazzling stage costumes inspired by her singing career, where indeed, Diamonds were her best friend. Each Marilyn Monroe costume is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring you capture the essence of the quintessential 1950s sex symbol at your next dress-up event.

For those looking to complete their transformation, no Marilyn ensemble is complete without the perfect Marilyn Monroe wig. Our collection features high-quality wigs that replicate Marilyn’s signature blonde curls, ensuring you get the authentic look that will turn heads.

Adelaide residents can take advantage of our virtual walk-in store located in Salisbury Plain for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Shop directly from our website and pick up your order on the spot. Whether you’re browsing from home or in-person, Heaven Costumes promises a vast range, lightning-fast delivery, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service, all from an Australian owned and operated business.

Step into the glamorous world of Marilyn Monroe and make a stunning appearance at your next famous people's costume party with Heaven Costumes. Shop our Marilyn Monroe outfits today and prepare to dazzle as the legendary star of the silver screen. No matter the occasion, with a Marilyn Monroe costume and wig, you’re sure to embody the charisma and allure of Hollywood’s immortal icon.