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Tinsley Brand Transfers and Makeup

Tinsley Brand Transfers and Makeup

Tinsley Brand SFX Makeup, Tattoos and Transfers

Looking for some of the best of the best when it comes to costume makeup? Tinsley Transfers is sure to please! Tinsley Transfers is a brand based in the US that manufactures Hollywood quality fake wounds, fake tattoos and SFX makeup... and we are proud to offer some of their range right here at Heaven Costumes Australia! [more]

The Tinsley Transfers brand includes a range of latex free fake wounds that are easily applied using water, just like a temporary tattoo. They are made from realistic and thin materials that blend in with your skin easily, making it the easiest choice for those wanting some gruesome Halloween special fx makeup!

You will also find a range of temporary tattoo wounds that will complete your Halloween look in just minutes. Not only do they offer a range of gory SFX options,  they also have a great range of fake temporary tattoos for all your costume needs.