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Party Balloons

Party and Birthday Balloons

The crowning jewels for any themed party are the balloons! They fill the blank space, add dimension to the party layout and most of all, they’re super fun to look at! They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, and you can create thousands of different balloon designs to fit the aesthetic of your event.

Ideal for all events, balloons are a great addition to baby showers, gender reveals, New Year’s Eve, graduations, engagement and especially kid’s birthday parties! [more]

With an array of foil balloons to choose from, you're spoilt for choice with Heaven Costumes balloon range. We have birthday balloons, party balloons, and a deluxe range of AirLoonz balloons for those very special occasions. Ideal for photo backdrops, our foiled number and letter balloons are guaranteed to complete your Instagram worthy set up at your next milestone birthday!

If you have a colour scheme that you want to stick to, we have every colour under the rainbow. Our collection of party balloons includes a pastel balloon range, metallic balloon range and classic latex balloons as well in stunning colours and prints!

To ensure your balloons stay safe, we also have a range of the balloon accessories to help secure them, with balloon weights in all different colours, shapes, and sizes your balloon decorations won’t get a chance to float away! Check out our collection of the best party supplies in Australia.