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Scarecrow Costumes and Accessories

Scarecrow Costumes for Kids and Adults

Whether you’re aspiring to channel the wise and lovable Scarecrow from the iconic Wizard of Oz or seeking the perfect ensemble for a Halloween bash, our scarecrow collection offers the best classic and spooky costumes tailored to suit both adults and kids. [more]

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume - The Heart of Fairytale Adventures

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of one of the most cherished tales with our Wizard of Oz scarecrow costumes. Designed to inspire and delight, these costumes are your ticket to a memorable adventure down the yellow brick road. Pair up with Dorothy, the Lion, and the Tin Man for an unforgettable group ensemble that’s bound to steal the spotlight at any fairytale themed costume party.

Scarecrow Halloween Costume - Spooktacular Fun for All Ages

Elevate your Halloween festivities with our scarecrow Halloween costumes. Perfect for those who desire a blend of eerie charm and timeless appeal. These outfits are sure to turn heads at any spooky gathering. With options for both kids and adults, our costumes are crafted to ensure everyone can partake in the Halloween fun.

Nestled in Salisbury Plain, Adelaide, Heaven Costumes welcomes you to our virtual and physical store, offering a seamless shopping experience. Choose from our extensive range, including the beloved scarecrow costume, and enjoy fast delivery, great prices, and exceptional customer service. Australian owned and operated, we’re committed to providing a delightful shopping adventure for all our customers.

Join us at Heaven Costumes, where every choice leads to a magical journey. Whether you’re standing in a field or dancing down the yellow brick road, we have the perfect costume to bring your scarecrow dreams to life.