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Vampire Teeth and Fangs

Vampire Teeth and Fangs

Adults and Kids Fake Vampire Teeth

Sharpen them and polish them and make sure they're everything they need to be to make you look super hungry for blood!

A great pair of vampire fangs is a sure-fire way to level up your vampire costume this Halloween! With the variety of vampire teeth available at Heaven Costumes, you'll look like the coolest vamp in town flashing your pearly whites everywhere you go. [more]

From basic white fake fangs to retractable fangs that will catch your victims by surprise, you're sure to find the exact vampire teeth you need to suit your M.O!

Our huge range of vampire fangs also includes the well-known Scarecrow brand which boasts amazing quality fake teeth that look realistic and come with custom fitting putty so your fangs will stay-put all night long!

Check out our full range of fake teeth and pick your favourites now!