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Image of 1920s Party Supplies

1920s Themed Party Supplies

Step into the roaring twenties with our exquisite range of 1920s themed decorations and party...
Image of 1950s Party Supplies

1950s Themed Party Supplies

Step back in time with our 50s theme decorations and party supplies, offering everything you...
Image of 60s and 70s Party Supplies

1960s and 70s Party Supplies

Step back in time with our vibrant selection of 60s and 70s theme decorations and...
Image of 80s Party Supplies

80s Party Supplies

Dive into the vibrant world of neon colours and retro style with our dedicated range...
Image of a party table with Animal themed party supplies.

Animal Theme Party Supplies

Roar into an unforgettable birthday with our animal-themed party supplies for kids! Discover a jungle...
Image of Around the World Party Supplies

International Theme Party Supplies

Explore a world without boundaries with our selection of international theme decorations and party supplies....
Image of a birthday party table with carnival and circus themed party supplies, there are popcorn buckets, cake decorations, napkins, paper plates and a table centrepiece.

Carnival and Circus Theme Party Supplies

Step right up for the ultimate carnival and circus party experience! Find a colourful array...
Image of Dinosaur Party Supplies

Dinosaurs Theme Party Supplies

Unleash an epic adventure with our dinosaur-themed party supplies. From T-Rex balloons to Jurassic decorations,...
Image of Day of the Dead Theme Party Supplies

Day of the Dead Party Supplies

Celebrate life and honour cherished memories with our Day of the Dead theme decorations and...
Image of Fairytale Party Supplies

Fairytale and Princess Party Supplies

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fairytales with our exquisite range of princess themed...
Image of Fantasy Party Supplies

Fantasy Party Supplies

Step into a realm where magic comes to life with our fantasy theme decorations and...
Flat lay image of colourful Happy Birthday themed party supplies with a Happy Birthday bunting.

Happy Birthday Theme Party Supplies

Birthdays are a blast with our themed party supplies! Find everything from balloons to banners...
Image of Hawaiian Theme Party Supplies

Hawaiian Party Supplies

Bring the spirit of Aloha to your next celebration with our vibrant selection of Hawaiian...
Image of a Hollywood themed party set up with a mix of gold and back balloons, a gold fringed wall decoration, hanging star decorations, Hollywood plates, popcorn boxes and decorative Oscar style trophies.

Hollywood Party Supplies

Step onto the red carpet with our Hollywood themed party supplies. Find everything you need...
Image of Jungle and Safari Party Supplies

Safari and Jungle Party Supplies

Step into the wild with our safari and jungle themed decorations and party supplies, perfect...
Image of a Mad Hatters tea party set up, with bunting flags, party decorations, Alice in Wonderland cut out, and decorated Wonderland table.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Supplies

Step into Wonderland with our enchanting Mad Hatter Tea Party themed party supplies. From quirky...
Image of Medieval Party Supplies

Medieval and Viking Party Supplies

Step back in time and unleash the spirit of medieval and Viking warriors with our...
Image of Mexican Theme Party Supplies

Mexican Theme Party Supplies

Explore our vibrant selection of Mexican theme decorations and party supplies, perfect for bringing the...
Image of Pirate Party Supplies

Pirates Theme Party Supplies

Discover a treasure trove of pirate themed party supplies. From eye patches to treasure maps,...
Image of a space themed party set up with space and alien party supplies.

Space & Alien Theme Party Supplies

Launch an unforgettable celebration with our space and alien-themed party supplies. Find stellar decorations, cosmic...
Image of an Under the Sea birthday party, with balloons, garland and table setting.

Under The Sea Party Supplies

Dive into a magical under-the-sea themed celebration with our enchanting range of party supplies. From...
Image of Unicorn Theme Party Supplies

Unicorn Theme Party Supplies

Bring your fantasy to life with our enchanting selection of unicorn themed decorations and party...

Party Themes for Kids and Adults

Welcome to our exclusive collection of party themes for kids and adults, where imagination meets sophistication to turn any gathering into an unforgettable experience. Tailored specifically for event planners and party hosts who aim to elevate their celebrations beyond the ordinary, we offer an extensive range of themes designed to enchant, entertain, and impress. [more]

From the timeless elegance of a 1920s party to the fun and sunny Hawaiian party, each theme is curated with adult guests in mind, ensuring that every detail contributes to an atmosphere of mature charm and refined fun.

Discover themes that transport you and your guests around the world without leaving the comfort of your venue, such as an International party. For those looking to time travel, our selection also includes the groovy 60s and 70s.

Our collection is not just about aesthetics; it’s a toolkit for creating memories. Each theme comes with a wealth of ideas for decorations and all the party supplies you will need to create an event worth remembering. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our party themes ensure that every element works together to create a cohesive and engaging experience.

Ideal for event planners and party hosts searching for inspiration that speaks to a more mature audience, this category is a one-stop destination for those dedicated to hosting parties that leave a lasting impression.

Engage your creativity and start planning your next legendary party with our collection of party themes —where sophistication and fun meet to create magic.