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60s and 70s Costumes and Accessories

60s and 70s Costumes and Accessories

60s Costumes and 70s Costumes

Say hello to the decade that brought us sensational fashion trends we still love and admire today. The 1960s and 1970s were a time of fashion experimentation and expressionism, as people boldly made statements about their individuality. 

The hippie movement was the epitome of art, peace, and love, making the era one of the more popular for costume parties. Hippie costumes include flowy dresses, bell bottom pants, and fringed vests. Meanwhile, 70s disco costumes include glitter, glamour, and excess. The 70s brought us platform shoes, jumpsuits, and metallic fabrics. 60s outfits and 70s looks continue to inspire modern day designers and showcase the freedom of expression we should all embrace. [more]

Women’s 60s and 70s Costumes

Our women’s 60s and 70s costumes feature ranges from both hippie and disco fashion. You will find women’s hippie costumes with bright and colourful patterns, with long flared sleeves or flared pants. The range of women’s disco costumes will have you looking funky in metallic sheens and dazzling sequins. Whether you want to channel your inner flower child or go for a bold disco look, our disco and hippie costumes will help you stand out.

Men’s 60s and 70s Costumes

Our men’s 60s & 70s costumes  come in a range of classic and groovy colours. Men’s hippie costumes include an array of rainbow and tie dye prints, giving you a bumber edge. The disco costumes for men feature leisure suits, metallic finishes and, of course, sequins. You’ll be ready to dance the night away in our selection of men's 70s disco outfits and hippie costumes that pay homage to the era.

60s and 70s Accessories

Our range of costume accessories will add an extra dose of fun to your look. From a range of fun go-go boots to peace sign necklaces and earrings, our collection of 60s and 70s accessories will take your outfit to the next level. Complete your look with one of our 60s and 70s costume wigs featuring iconic hairstyles from the era - think afros, braids with beads and feathered hair.

60s Costume and 70s Costume Ideas

With these groovy and funky costume ideas for a hippie theme party or disco event, you’ll be ready to dance the night away. And don’t forget - life is too short not to have fun and dress up once in a while! So go ahead and shake your groove thing - pick up that perfect 60s or 70s costume and shop now!