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Jewellery Costume Accessories

Jewellery Costume Accessories

Novelty Fancy Dress Costume Jewellery

Polish off your fancy dress costume with some unique and fun costume jewellery. We have costume jewellery for every theme of fancy dress costume, including retro earrings for go go dancer costumes, peace sign hippie jewellery for hippie costumes, and Egyptian costume jewellery for Egyptian costumes. All of our costume jewellery is beautifully crafted, giving you an authentic look to your fancy dress costume. [more]

Every pimp needs some bling, so why not add some dollar sign costume jewellery to your zoot suit to really make yourself stand out. There's dollar sign earrings, dollar sign rings, even a dollar sign belt buckle to really pimp out your fancy dress costume. There's no need to look anywhere else for all your costume accessories for your fancy dress costume as we have all the fun costume jewellery that you can wear over and over again.