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Ghost Face Scream Costumes and Accessories

Scream Ghostface Costumes for Adults and Kids

Are you ready to embody the iconic Ghostface this Halloween? Heaven Costumes Australia is your premier destination for the most sought-after Scream costumes. Whether you’re planning to send chills down the spine of adults or seeking a thrilling disguise for the kids, our comprehensive range of Ghostface costumes and accessories inspired by the blockbuster Scream series is unmatched. [more]

Why Choose a Scream Ghostface Costume?

The Ghostface character has become a symbol of horror, known for its mysterious allure and chilling presence in the Scream movie franchise. Opting for a Scream Halloween costume not only offers a classic and recognisable look but also taps into the rich legacy of one of the most beloved horror movies.

Enhance Your Costume with Accessories

No Ghostface costume is complete without the signature mask, and our Scream Ghostface mask selection is second to none, with our exclusive Deluxe PVC Ghostface mask. Complement your costume with our handpicked accessories to elevate your horror ensemble. From gloves to fake knives, we provide all the essentials you need to fully embody the character.

Shop Locally and Conveniently in Adelaide

For customers in Adelaide, experience our unique virtual walk-in store in Salisbury Plain. At Heaven Costumes, you can browse and shop our extensive range directly from our website. Enjoy the convenience of taking your order with you then and there, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Why Heaven Costumes?

Heaven Costumes is proudly Australian owned and operated, offering lightning-fast delivery across the country. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, making us the go-to online shop for tv and movie costumes. Our vast selection includes not only Scream Halloween costumes but also a diverse array of other scary Halloween costume ideas for those looking to stand out this spooky season.

Get Ready to Scream this Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, now is the perfect time to secure your Scream Ghostface costume. Whether seeking Halloween costumes for an adult or a kid, Heaven Costumes’ expansive variety ensures you’ll find the perfect match.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Scream with our officially licensed costumes and accessories. Make this Halloween unforgettable with a costume that screams horror and excellence.

Shop now and take advantage of our fast delivery to jumpstart your spine-chilling adventure!