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Girls Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes for Girls!

The Zombie Apocalypse is closing in.... what do you do?! Join in the lunging parade of brain slurping undead in your very own girls zombie costumes of course! Here at Heaven Costumes you'll find just the mutilated, intestine wielding, blood smeared zombie girls costumes you need to go stumbling through the streets this Halloween. [more]

Everyone can rise from the dead right? So our range of zombie fancy dress costumes for girls come in a variety of half-dead characters with a horror twist of gore and grossness! You'll find girls zombie outfits including popular themes such as zombie fairytale characters, zombie brides, zombie princesses, zombie prom queens, zombie cheerleaders and more! Start practicing your zoned-out blank stares and guttural growls, then grab your favourite horror zombie girls costumes and you'll be all set for this years Halloween party or local Zombie Walk march!