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Wizard of Oz Costumes and Accessories

Wizard of Oz Costumes and Accessories

Magical Wizard of Oz Costumes for All Ages

Are you ready to venture down the iconic Yellow Brick Road? At Heaven Costumes, we invite you to embody your favourite characters from the beloved tale of The Wizard of Oz. With a vast collection of tv and movie costumes, including the magical world of Oz, adults and children alike can immerse themselves in adventure. Whether you’re drawn to the courage of a Dorothy costume, the wisdom of the Scarecrow, or the heart of the Tin Man, our licensed character costumes bring these cherished personalities to life. [more]

Explore our enchanting range where you’ll find the heroic Dorothy Gale dress, the wise and whimsical Wizard of Oz Scarecrow costume, and many more. From the sinister charm of the Wicked Witch of the West costume to the benevolent radiance of the Glinda the Good Witch costume, and not forgetting the Wizard of Oz Lion costume, our outfits allow you to recreate the magic of the story.

A Captivating Selection for Every Occasion

Wizard of Oz outfits are the perfect choice for storybook and fairytale-themed events, birthday parties, and the much-anticipated Book Week dress-up parades. Our collection caters to men, women, boys, and girls, ensuring the whole family can partake in the joy and whimsy of this timeless tale. Opting for a Wizard of Oz costume means stepping into a world of imagination and camaraderie - ideal for couples, groups, or families eager to embark on a fantastical quest together.

Why Choose Heaven Costumes?

  • Vast Range: Discover the entire cast of the Wizard of Oz, including exclusive accessories to complete your look.
  • Quality Assured: All our Wizard of Oz character costumes are officially licensed, guaranteeing authenticity and high quality.
  • Customer-Centric: For our Adelaide customers, experience the convenience of our virtual walk-in store in Salisbury Plain. Shop on our website and take your treasures home immediately.
  • Excellence in Service: Heaven Costumes is proudly Australian owned and operated, known for lightning-fast delivery, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service.

Heaven Costumes is your gateway to the Emerald City, filled with character costumes that promise an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re captivated by the courage of the Cowardly Lion, the ingenuity of the Scarecrow, or the innocence of Dorothy Gale, your perfect costume awaits.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live out the enchanting tale of The Wizard of Oz. Browse our collection today and choose the costume that calls out to your adventurous spirit.

With Heaven Costumes, step into a storybook and create memories that will last a lifetime.