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Plastic Decorative Party Balloons

Plastic Decorative Party Balloons

Plastic Base Birthday and Party Balloons

Introducing our plastic base balloon collection - the perfect choice for your next celebration!

At Heaven Costumes, we offer a wide range of high-quality plastic base balloons that are designed to elevate your party décor to the next level. [more]

Our plastic balloons are crafted from a clear and stretchy material, allowing them to be effortlessly inflated into a perfectly round shape. The durable construction of these balloons ensures that they will last throughout the event, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Additionally, their non-allergenic properties provide peace of mind to those with sensitivities.

Commonly known as bubble or bobo balloons, our plastic balloons provide endless opportunities for creativity. You can easily fill them with decorative items such as confetti or wrap string/LED lights around them for a stunning visual effect. For optimal results, we recommend stretching the balloon before filling to prevent overfilling and popping.

Whether you choose to fill them with air or helium, our plastic balloons are sure to make an impact. For floating effects, helium is the preferred option. If you opt for using lights, we recommend keeping the string at table length to prevent the battery box from weighing the balloon down.

Don’t miss out on our exclusive Crystal Clearz balloons, made by renowned balloon masters Anagram! These Crystal Clearz balloons come in a variety of transparent hues, allowing you to create the perfect balloon displays that will leave your guests in awe.

We also offer a fantastic selection of printed plastic balloons, including happy birthday designs and much more.

So why wait? Explore our extensive range of plastic balloons today and add that extra touch of magic to your party!

Shop our Plastic Balloon range at Heaven Costumes now and let the celebration begin!