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Mens 1980s Costumes

Mens 1980s Costumes

Men's 80s Costumes

Party-goers, event lovers, and everyone preparing for a nostalgic 80s party will find a jaw-dropping selection of Men's 1980s Costumes in our Australian-owned ecommerce store. Our collection screams of an era defined by its bold styles, vibrant colours, and iconic pop culture figures. [more]

Turn up the Volume with Top Rock Star Costumes

Our top-of-the-line 80s rock star men's costumes will make you the centre stage, where every eye is set on you! Be the 'Champion' of the night as you strut in a Freddy Mercury costume or embrace the 'Purple Rain' with our Prince-inspired outfits. Maybe you'd like to don on a flamboyant Boy George ensemble - we've got you covered. Leave no stone unturned—in our WHAM costumes, you'll certainly wake 'em up before you go-go!

Relive the 80s with Shell Suits

Looking for comedic relief? You can't go wrong with our men's satin shell suits! A flashy outfit that's equal parts funny and nostalgic, wrapped in the unique fashion statement of the 80s.

Be a Ken Doll for the Night

Ken dolls marked a massive trend in the 1980s, and here’s your chance to relive those moments. Step into the roller skates and become Roller Skating Ken or unleash your inner cowboy with our Cowboy Ken outfits.

Your 80s Costume, Delivered Fast

Our lightning-fast delivery and outstanding customer service ensure that your trip down memory lane is only a click away. Our prices are competitive and our range extensive, from versatile rock star outfits to flashy shell suits and iconic Ken doll costumes, our 1980s men's costumes are designed to bring you back in time.

For our reliable customers in Adelaide, add a layer of convenience with our virtual walk-in store at Salisbury Plain. Shop directly online, then pick up your costume in-store. No wait times, no delivery charges, and of course, an immediate flashback to the 80s!

Embrace the nostalgia, look the part, and create memories. Step into our 1980s men's costume range today, and we'll make sure your experience is nothing short of sensational.